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We’re all for living a balanced life and indulging in a treat when you’ve got a craving — you live your best life, girl! But we also think you should be aware of exactly what’s going in your body — and when we heard the news that Starbucks would be releasing a Unicorn Frappuccino, our first thought wash, “holy sh*t, that’s gonna be a sugar bomb.”

The crème-based blended beverage has no coffee, so the entirety of the drink is cream, ice, and LOTS of added sugar. For reference, the recommended max sugar intake for a woman is 25 grams per day. Now, without further ado, the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino nutritional information.

Serving SizeCaloriesSugarsFatCarbsProtein
Tall (with whip)2803911424
Grande (with whip)4105916625
Venti (with whip)5007618797

So . . . we got the chance to try this exorbitantly sweet frosty drink, and we may or may not have gotten diabetes from just one sip. It is SO sweet. And as a grande drink will run you 59 grams of sugar — more than double the daily recommended amount (think about that: two days worth of sugar in just one drink), be sure to enjoy this “magical” concoction with moderation.

If you’re trying to curb a sweet tooth without ingesting a sugar-loaded calorie bomb (with a much shorter ingredient list), you can browse our healthy dessert suggestions that not only taste good, but will help you feel good, too.

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