WinX MediaTrans Giveaway: Transfer And Play Your iPhone Media on PC & Android


If you’re trying to manage your iPhone with a Windows laptop, you would’ve realized already that it isn’t always that easy. With a Mac, Airdrop makes things a lot easier. At least, you get to transfer files from and to your iPhone with ease. If you rely on just iTunes on Windows to manage your iPhone or iPad, you’re really missing out.

By default, Apple doesn’t want your iDevice to exchange media with other non-Apple devices. This means even if you own an Android phone and an iPhone, you may still be unable to exchange your own media files between these devices.

This is where WinX MediaTrans comes in. Till date, it remains the best iPhone manager to transfer files between your iPhone and PC. We reviewed this great software program late last year and described it as the “complete program that makes sure you won’t need to purchase another software to manage your iPhone again.”

winx mediatrans

The program has just undergone a major upgrade that makes it worthy talking about again. And yes, there’s an ongoing giveaway where you can get this useful program for free.

Transfer iPhone Movie Purchased from iTunes

Watching your purchased movies you got from iTunes should not be limited to just your Apple device. WinX MediaTrans gives you the freedom to do whatever you like with your purchased movies. With this program, you can transfer  your movies to your PC or even your Android device.

Manage and Transfer Music & Remove DRM protection

This is one of the newest features just added to WinX MediaTrans. With this feature, you can finally transfer your iTunes purchased music on Android or PC.

DRM musicWhen you try to export a DRM protected music file, you should see a popup asking if you want the files decoded. WinX MediaTrans does a good job at this and you can finally play your iTunes music on any device.

Transfer photos and videos

wnx mediatrans

With this program, you can finally transfer all those 4K videos and photos you’ve recorded with your iPhone. WinX MediaTrans lets you move your photos around with ease.

use winx mediatrans to create ringtone

Apple devices are restricted to only play MP4 and MOV video files. However, if you have other video files in different formats like AVI, WMV and others, WinX MediaTrans will make these files be playable on your iPhone.

And there’s more…

The program also lets you import audio iBooks to your iPhone without hassles. You can as well easily manage your iBooks, convert EPUB to PDF and much more.

WinX MediaTrans lets you create ringtones from your music file and import them to your iPhone.

Mount your iPhone as a USB flash

Your iPhone can acts as a pen drive to store your important files and move them around. WinX MediaTrans enables this.

Enter WinX MediaTrans free giveaway

You can enjoy all the benefits of WinX MediaTrans without paying a dime. All you need to do is to enter the giveaway here. 500 copies will be given away daily for a limited time, you should take the offer before it’over. You can download here.

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