Do you intend to build property? Betonblock systems offer you the best building system to make your concrete block molds. The system’s molds for concrete are tailored to build an array of buildings. Betonblock tetrapod is used to make concrete for coastal buildings. The concrete blocks are fashioned to diffuse incoming waves’ force by spreading them around the block rather than against them.

How to cast a Betonblock

Once you acquire a betonblock system, you can easily make a concrete block by using its products and accessories. Here is a detailed guide on how to churn out a concrete block using the betonblock system.

Set the empty mold on even ground

You can use a steel plate as the flat surface for the mold.

Apply oil to the mold’s insides

Oil is a reagent that ensures smooth removal of the block. Apply it on every surface on the inside.

Pour the concrete

Pour the concrete slowly and gradually to ensure evenness. It also ensures all nooks and crannies are filled perfectly.

Compact the concrete

Use an immersion vibrator to compact fresh concrete as you pour. It helps in the removal of the air bubbles in the concrete.

Level the concrete

When the mold is full to the brim, use a trowel to level it. After smoothening it leave it to cure. Curing time varies and depends on external factors like the prevailing weather conditions.

Remove wedges and pins.

Methodically remove the pins and wedges that are keeping the mold in place.

Open the mold

Your betonblock is now ready; open the mold, remove it and use it for construction.

Benefits of using the Betonblock system

It is cost-effective as one mold is used to make different types of smaller blocks using clever dividers. The concrete blocks come in different sizes and shapes.

Fast delivery the system makes concrete blocks in record time, saving you time. Through this, your projects will be completed in time.

Perfect dimensions the betonblock system is the most stable concrete block building system. It ensures the blocks come out as tailored.

Wide product range, the system does not use mortar in production. Using concrete as a building block gives you an array of options to choose from when building blocks.

The most stable system is stable and unrivalled; the system guarantees a high-quality block.

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