Laws of Karma – with Shakuntali, you can change it

What we inherit from our ancestors is not only eyes’ color, a bad temper or an old-fashioned commode. The main thing that we inherit, is often invisible but influences our life strongly. It is karma.
How do karma laws work? Can we improve our karma? Can we erase our karma completely and start all over again? Shakuntali, the Enlightened Woman, is sure that everything is in your hands.
Our relatives – close and well-forgotten
Being the Enlightened Woman, Shakuntali is also the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, and a temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. Having so much ancient wisdom in her mind and heart, Shakuntali wants you to understand the laws of this world more clearly, as we are so much misled nowadays.
For example, who do you consider to be your family? Your parents? Your spouse, children, brothers, sisters?.. Maybe you have some distant relatives in another town to whom you would hardly say “Hello” in the whole lifetime. There can also be your relatives somewhere you do not even know about. No matter what family you created for yourself, remember that you are influenced by all your relatives, even those you haven’t ever met. Moreover, the sacred secret tells us that our life is swayed by our ancestors who have been long dead. In other words, you are influenced by everybody who was ever connected with you by blood.
Shakuntali, like most of the Siberian shamans, sees a person not standing alone but as a branched tree. The trunk of such a tree is the person and his/her relatives alive; the roots are the ancestors, and the branches are descendants. This whole system is the linage of the person that is tied forever.
Needless to say that the roots are the most important part of the whole tree. You may do proper watering and feeding of the tree, but if there are problems with the roots, the whole tree will eventually die. The same is with your lineage tree. All the problems that your ancestors experienced (and you could hardly find someone who has not any problems at all) transfer to your life, to your destiny.
Karmic laws – how do they work?
Ancient family problems, difficulties with profession, alcoholism, fears, illnesses, accidents – all this leads to your own problems. Sometimes we can even wonder watching the series of failures in someone’s life as if something dark is above. The reason is always the anscestors’ influence.
This is how the karmic laws work. Is there anything you can do to fix it? Yes, of course! Shakuntali will show you how.
Your privilege is to heal your lineage
Lots of people come to Shakuntali to heal their lineage. That is the key to their happy and healthy life. The main task for Shakuntali is to find the roots of your specific problem. For example, you come to a consultation with a serious illness or marriage problems. Shakuntali finds the final root where the cause of your current situation is hidden and gives you her personal advice on how to solve the situation. Following her advice, you will not only heal yourself but also help all your relatives to improve their health.
The same happens in all areas of life. As women always have the leading role in the family and, in the end, in society, the capability to improve the lives of her relatives multiplies by 2. There are so many stories when a woman comes to Shakuntali with a problem that bothers her, and within a short period of time, she is transformed. And she carries this light of the change to her family members seeing their lives changing greatly. All the problems disappear, here comes only love, health, well-being, wealth for the whole lineage.
Go for the incredible life for yourself and your family
This is quite a different approach to the whole being understanding. Now, when you know it, you have a great advantage in your hands. You can change your present, you can change your future, you can make all your family happy and prosperous!
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Become the master of your life!

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