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Boulder, Colorado is consistently one of the best cities in the United States. In addition to our robust luxury market, the quality of life here is excellent. We are home to world class dining, shopping, cultural experiences and natural beauty. No wonder our market is fiercely competitive. If you are planning to make Boulder your new home, you may be curious about how to find your way around our special real estate market. Here I share insights to help you land your dream home in Boulder:

Be prepared for multiple offers

Multiple offers are common here, so it is best if you expect to be one of several offers. While this isn’t always the case, the limited inventory here in Boulder often leads to multi-offer situations. If you’re ready to compete with other buyers, you have a better chance of staying ahead of the game.

Dealing with a situation with multiple offers

If you find yourself in a multi-offer situation, make sure you have your proof of funds available. Ask your broker to come up with a full quote that includes all of the details, and keep in mind that you may have to forego some or all of the eventualities to close the deal.

Avoid submitting lowball offers

Even if you are not in a multi-offer situation, lowball offers generally do not work in our market. Sellers will likely have a handful of serious buyers just around the corner, so most will not be willing to entertain below market value deals. When submitting the only offer, it is often best to offer the offer at or near the price.

Don’t send a “love letter”

Many real estate blogs encourage buyers to write a “love letter” to sellers describing what they love about their home in hopes of creating a personal connection with the seller. However, buyers should stay away from this strategy when buying in Boulder as it violates our fair living rules.

If you are looking forward to moving to Boulder and enjoying all that our city has to offer, it helps to have an understanding of what our market is like. The tips I share here can help you with your search so that you can officially call Boulder at home. If you have any questions about the relocation process, my team will be happy to help. Please contact us to find out more.

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