Interview: Fashion blogger Laura Wills shares her style secrets, baby essentials and life with 3 children under three Parenting

Congratulations to The Fashion Bug Blog Founder Laura Wills, who is now pregnant with her number four. We take a look back at this interview, published a year ago, about Laura’s life with three children, her beautiful jewelry collab, and the fashion brands and bloggers we should keep an eye on.

Mila recently turned 3 and you have two more children since then. What is it like to have three children under the age of three?

Hectic! When my youngest Luna was born, my oldest was two, so I had three under three. Sometimes it’s definitely full, but I always have the feeling that it goes in waves – it can be almost eerily quiet at times and I don’t even know what to do with myself, but you can also have moments when all three lose it at the same time, but you are only concerned with it. After three kids, I definitely think the more relaxed approach is, but I have to say that routine is the best thing I’ve ever done – it breaks the day off and the girls always take naps at the same time! I’ve always said I want a big family and I feel so incredibly blessed that I have three amazing daughters!

You’re a bit of a hero of ours. How did you deal with the jump from 2 to 3?

That is so nice! I actually find the transition from 2-3 easier than 1-2 – you are already used to multitasking and caring for more than 1. The biggest change is probably the logistics. We just got the big V-class van because nothing else is comfortable for everyone – the days of driving around in a small car are over! It can also be difficult to split up between everyone – to make everyone feel loved. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding my youngest, and it definitely isn’t easy when you have two active toddlers who need your attention. I hired a nanny, which I haven’t wanted to do for a long time, but it was wonderful – allows me to be one on one with each of my girls.

We love your Atripoppe baby carrier! Which baby products are you using this time? Have things changed or have they moved on?

Artipoppe are the best !! There are few brands that combine fashion and functionality with such ease, but Artipoppe is one of them – I can’t get enough! Some things passed on from Mila – have used the same Kindergarten Moses basket for all my girls and always get so emotional when they grow out of it! They have beautiful bed linen that you can easily change if you want a slightly different look with the basket. Luna probably has a lot fewer little things than the other girls – again with baby number three you can tell that you don’t need much when they’re little!

Who are your current favorite bloggers following and why?

Blaire Edie for her great outfits and thread styling for all kinds of fashion inspos.

Tell us about your fantastic collaboration with Soru. How did that happen?

I came across Soru on my blog very early on and the girls were always so nice to me! I was obsessed with her jewelry and always wore it and Francesca (one of the sisters) and I talk a lot on Instagram. I don’t even remember which of us came up with the idea, but it just felt so natural – we’ve been putting our brands together over the past three years. We’re completely on the same page when it comes to the designs and I hope I can do a lot more with them!

What are your favorite high end and high street fashion brands right now?

High-end Loewe, Rasario, Nanushka, Khaite. High Street I always love Zara and & OtherStories, but now I also love a brand called Pixie Market.

What’s your staple this season?

A kind of leather during the day (love lederhosen, skirts and dresses!) And everything with a big bow (the Erdem belt is amazing!)

Your hair always looks flawless. What is your secret?

Extensions and a good blowdry. In all honesty, having ribbon extensions was the best thing I’ve ever dealt with beauty. The rest of my beauty regime is actually pretty easy to care for, but every 8 weeks when I do my extensions again, I’m totally thrilled – breathed new life into my hair and boosted my confidence!


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Tell us about your typical day.

We all wake up around 6:30 a.m. – Anoushka is an early riser. My husband usually has breakfast with my eldest and second daughter while I feed our baby and have some free time with her. I drop the girls in the nursery and usually go for a walk with my baby. I’ve always tried to do most of my work while the girls are sleeping and otherwise spending as much time with them as possible – it’s even more important to me now that my oldest two are in kindergarten as I don’t see them that often see the week! After kindergarten, I like to focus on them – take them to a playground or play at home. They have dinner around 5:30 am, followed by a bath and bedtime stories – Mila and Anoushka love to have these together. Luna usually goes to sleep shortly after her sisters as I am nursing her to sleep and I love the one-on-one bonding time at the end of the day again.

Now describe your ideal day.

Spend it on the beach in Ibiza. Sun, my babies, good food. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should move there!

Tell us your favorite family is in London.

Kensington Gardens. I love going there and there is a great playground as well as the large pond where the girls love to look at ducks!

After all, you have previously identified yourself as “loyal, a bit dreamy and sometimes lively!” Summarized. Does that still sound right?

100% – just probably livelier, now I have kids! I protect you madly!

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