Father Terry’s Spiritual Stuff: Desperate Spirtuality

If you don’t have the power to change something for the better, it doesn’t mean you are hopeless. Don’t confuse helpless with hopeless. Lots of people do. Helpless means self-help. I cannot make the change on my own or on my own. Hopeless would mean that there is no solution or help from anywhere else. Spiritual paths say there is hope, and the people who go deepest into those paths are people who know that if left to their own devices, they will never reach the potential to be their best selves. My religion is very helpful and hopeful when I surrender, admit that I need help, and then do the work. When I think I have the power to negotiate or use my religion as magic to make changes, I usually get into chaos. My religious practice doesn’t mean that I can do a ritual and then go out and do whatever idiosyncratic project I want. It’s not about asserting myself. It’s about following the path.

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