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When Studio Mcgee launched this spring, we all flocked to it or ran to one (or two) of our local stores. I remember thinking how could your line get better … well! The Fall Line is about to start and every category in its line just keeps getting better. I tried to change a few things in our house and bring a fresh, warm and cozy new style to a couple of rooms. This fall line really captured everything I was thinking and looking for to bring into our home. When I say I could take one of these home with me … I mean it. So if you want to bring fresh new furniture, lighting, decorations and carpets with you, be sure to check out the new line from our Studio Mcgee on target! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below. I hope this just shows you a glimpse of how great the line is and that it will inspire your next look. I know you will find something. As always, thank you very much for checking out the blog today and every other day. We hope you find some good stuff and get some inspiration for your next look.

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