This week’s top stories: Wells Discharges ‘Top’ Bank Brokers, Merrill Curbs Wholesaler Perks, and more Financial Advisor

    1. Wells Fargo rejects $ 6.5 billion ‘top’ bank broker in Palo Alto
      Mike Abrams, a nationally recognized asset manager from Silicon Valley with Wells Fargo Advisors, was fired last week due to standards of conduct, a bank announced to regulators.
    2. Merrill relies on Kibosh for wholesale meals and gifts
      The industry-wide tradition of letting product vendors rent out wine and food brokers and their customers is reversed by Merrill Lynch, according to which employees “must avoid the perception of a conflict of interest”.
    3. Fieldpoint Private hires BNY Duo with a $ 900 million book
      The Miami duo with around 75 clients and half a century of experience at BNY Mellon Wealth Management joins Connecticut Bank, founded by the brokerage firm Graybeards.
    4. The $ 3.7 million Wells Fargo Bank team joins the LPL wirehouse channel
      Two brokers who have managed client assets of US $ 500 million are the third group to join LPL’s five-month-old Strategic Wealth Services affiliation model.
    5. Rockefeller hires a $ 5 million Morgan Stanley team in Dallas
      The mother-and-son team, which oversees $ 500 million in net worth, joins Rockefeller in Dallas after a $ 300 million wealthy team from UBS arrived in Houston last week.

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