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Dr. Peter Sergel went on a study trip in May and June 2018, Visiting gardens, specialist libraries, museums and universities. A focus of the trip was to learn about the next group of gardens planned for Hamilton Gardens, including the Ancient Egyptian, European Picturesque, German Baroque, Medieval, Roman, English Landscape and French Parterre Gardens. This included trips to Egypt, England, France, Germany and Austria. He also met a number of gardening managers to learn how some of the leading gardens in England, Singapore and America work and to address a variety of issues.

Imagine Dr. Sergel would have the freedom that Baron Haussmann had in Paris. Imagine if we could allow his imagination to flood Cobham Drive into Gray Street and across the river into the Glenview Club / Peacockes area. Imagine reinterpreting Ulster St – Te Rapa Straight. However, this post is about Hamilton’s long-term expenses looking back two decades and a decade forward. The 2015-25 and 2018-28 budgets were generous.

Here is a snapshot of Hamilton Garden’s 1999, 2014, and 2019 management plans

Hamilton Gardens Draft Management Plan 1999 page 21

The 1999 draft Hamilton Gardens management plan included 29 gardens, 19 of which existed, one under development and 9 were proposed.

The 2014 Hamilton Gardens operating plan included 32 gardens, 3 of which were under development and 9 proposed gardens were arranged in five garden collections. The draft plan received a total of 411 submissions. It is worth noting the reference to the main objective of areas classified as recreational reserves: “To give the public freedom of entry and access”.

The Hamilton Gardens Management Plan should not be reviewed for about ten years, according to the 2014 Hamilton Garden Review. An early first review in 2019 by Hamilton Gardens draft management plan comprised 32 gardens of which 15 existed, 8 were under development and as suggested in previous plans 9. A key strategy in this early review was to “reduce parking congestion” (page 10) until parking became the center of the Hamilton Gardens landscape. In 2020 a Revision of the draft Hamilton Gardens management plan was redirected to the community, which received 875 responses. Common topics such as parking, alternative modes of transport and the development of pedestrian access across the river were of interest to the people of Hamilton.

One suggested garden that stands out is the E.6 BEE MEADOW – ‘which offers[s] Food for bees and butterflies. The idea of ​​the Hamilton Gardens Bee Meadow should be viewed as a benchmark example to be repeated across the city. Link to the English website on ‘Start a wildflower weadow’

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