Timeless favorites from Studio McGee’s New Fall Line 2020 :DIY Home Decor

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You know the “Treat Yo Self” day at Parks & Rec? Where Donna and Tom go crazy and indulge in the spa, chocolates and some shopping?

I think today could be my Treat Yo Self day at Target. Because I’ve been waiting for Studio McGee’s fall decor collection for WEEKS!

Timeless favorites Studio Mcgee Fall Line on target

I try to stick to timeless and classic as much as possible, with a touch of modernity (because in my eyes decor and furniture only last longer that way), and my goodness, this collection hits the nail on the head !

Just for fun, I’ve rounded up some of my all-time favorites from their fall line with timeless lines and patterns that I believe would last for years and work with a number of different decorating styles.

Hope it helps narrow down all the beauties!

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