This clear face mask is powered by a fan that pumps in clean, filtered air and pulls out CO2 Industrial Design

I am often told that there are way too many masks out there and my answer almost always is, “There are also way too many smartphones, laptops and cars out there.” Every mask, just like any phone, car model, or sneaker design, hopes to make its own impression, solve its own problems, have a positive impact on the user, and help the company raise a fair amount of money Earning then goes into delivering better products. Get to know the Weetbe mask, one of many masks featured on this website. However, unlike other masks, weetbe has a number of properties that are unique to us. It’s transparent, comes with not two but three filters, has a snap-on face shield component and the best part is a modular fan unit that snaps onto the filter on the front and delivers clean, filtered air to your nose and mouth for as long as 8 Hours.

Based on masks and cell phones, the Weetbe mask offers a degree of modularity that reminds me of Google’s Project Ara. The mask itself is a functional face mask with a transparent body, hypoallergenic design and certified filters. However, the ability to snap on additional modules makes them wonderful. The Weetbe comes with a clear, see-through body, which is provided with an airtight lining and an anti-fog coating. Adjustable straps secure the mask around your face, while filters on the front and sides help you breathe 98% clean, purified air. The mask is equipped with Proveil filters, which are made from nanofibers that are small enough to trap breathable particles in the air, including viruses. These filters are reusable, can be washed or steam sterilized, and are also biodegradable so you can easily swap them out with no guilt.

However, the most anticipated feature of the Weetbe is the clip-on fan module. The fan module known as “Fan Osaka” snaps directly into place on the front and forces air through the front filter to create positive air pressure in the mask. The fan is equipped with its own lithium-ion battery and works quietly for 8 hours on a full charge. The module is smaller and lighter than you think, but it retains the mask’s sheer appearance and is perfect for snapping on while exercising, jogging or even for the elderly who have difficulty breathing through a mask. Weetbe supporters can even opt for the Screen Osaka, a clip-on face shield made from clear polycarbonate that provides a pristine, clear barrier that protects the upper half of the face. The screen has a similar anti-fogging feature that ensures your view is never blocked by condensation.

Other features of the Weetbe include the ability to customize. With a custom skin, you can apply it to the inside of the mask and turn the transparent body into a print canvas. The headbands are also customizable so you can add a name or company logo. The Weetbe is even splash proof, which means that you can easily carry it in the rain. The transparent design not only allows you to use the face unlock on your phone, it also gives you the freedom to breathe clean air and be protected without protection. Your face is covered by opaque fabric or plastic. It also helps to be able to smile at friends, neighbors and other people!

Designer: Weetbe Design

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weetbe – Transparent face mask with attachable shield & fan

weetbe is an all-in-one transparent face mask with three filters, a clip-on face protection component and a modular fan unit that snaps onto the filter and delivers clean, filtered air to the nose and mouth for up to 8 hours.

fan osaka – attachable fan module

Screen osaka – attachable face protection

Designed to provide extra protection for doctors, nurses, waiters / waitresses who are in constant contact with the public.

Transparent design

The transparent design improves visual communication between people. In addition, it makes hearing and lip reading easier for the hearing impaired.

+ 98% air filtration

Creative process & prototypes

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 30 $ 75 (60% discount). Hurry up, only 60 left!

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