How do you get admission to the Ivy League as a homeschooler? HomeSchool

If your child dreams of entering an Ivy League school, there are certain things you must do to achieve their goal. Read on for helpful information to help your student achieve their dream.

What is Ivy League entry?

The Ivy League is actually an American college sports conference attended by eight private colleges in the northeastern United States. However, the Ivy League has come to be known as a group of schools with elite status and is recognized beyond the athletic context. The Ivy League colleges are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

This division was made in 1954, but the colleges themselves are much older; Many of them date from the colonial era, with the exception of Cornell.

There are four of the Ivy League schools that are in the top 10 of them 2020 US News & World Report National University Ranking. Ivy League schools are some of the most prestigious colleges in the world and for this reason are the most difficult to get to.

Because of the competitive academic nature of the Ivy League schools, they are not for everyone. You want to help your child consider their own skills, preferences, interests, strengths, and educational goals when making a college decision.

Homeschoolers and Ivy League Admission

Do some research early in high school to find out what these schools expect from their applicants and do your best to give it to them. Here are the Ivy League schools admission requirements for homeschoolers.

Rejection can happen. There are many thousands of high-quality students rejected every year – from public, private and home schools! So be prepared with a backup plan! At this level, when all candidates are extremely qualified, it often seems like it is an admission decision, with no rhyme or reason.

These colleges value homeschool education. And yet there are no guarantees for anyone, regardless of the nature of the quality of their education. Read the eligibility guidelines carefully and weigh your options with your eyes open.

And just to inspire you, here are some real homeschool teenagers who made it through to an Ivy League school. You and your student can do it!

As you research, keep in mind that while Ivy League schools are prestigious, they are certainly NOT perfect. I came across a recent article in Rolling Stone that confirms this for at least one student. Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: In Dartmouth’s Bullying Abuses. Are Ivy League Schools Inferior To Other Schools? Don’t bet on it! Are they better than other schools? Is that important? It’s more important too Consider the FIT of collegeand only your family can determine the right fit for your student and family.

As with most colleges, I recommend preparing thorough course descriptions and credentials when applying to colleges. It’s even more important when you’re competing with the best of the best. You want your child and their education to stand out! And remember to have a contingency plan in case of rejection.

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