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Well damn it. The father’s diary is ten years old today. It started with trying content for a book idea, became a new hobby, then a full-time job, before becoming a hobby again.

It was a proverbial roller coaster ride. But the only thing that has remained constant is that I have always written what I want when I want without planning ahead.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to celebrate this anniversary by sharing ten of my favorite posts – one from each year.

Father’s Dawn (2010)

The contribution that started it all. It was short and to the point with no pictures and it was about why it’s like a zombie to be a parent.

It set the tone for my favorite type of Post-Daft Whimsy – and I’m so glad I found the courage to publish on it.

Father’s Moccasins (2011)

I was always a little old before my time and this one proves it. It’s about my endless search for the perfect pair of slippers.

There is so much to consider when looking for comfortable footwear.

My father with my son.  Am I turning into my father ?!

I become my father (2012)

A bit like what’s on the tin, but maybe not what you might expect. When people realize they are going to be their parents, they often roll their eyes.

Not me! My father is a complete legend, so I take my legacy of his weaknesses as a good thing.

My Postman Pat Washer Hell (2013)

Inevitably, children’s TV has appeared regularly on my blog for the past ten years. But how often has a fictional character damaged a household appliance?

So a colleague of Britain’s most useless Postie almost led to an insurance claim.

A sweet toddler.  Do not be fooled.

One of these days (2014)

Every parent of young children has had more than one day when everything goes so chaotically wrong. And that was one of mine.

It provides all of the staples for bad days – including an unsuccessful trip to the shops, a soaking, and a toddler trying to steal a stranger.

The birds and bees – with cuddly toys (2015)

With our third child on the way, we tried to prepare for uncomfortable questions from the other two. A brainwave with stuffed animals helped somewhat.

But then in a deserted game scene we wondered if we should have just told them the bloody details instead.

A man holding a ticket and a baby with a video game performance graphic overlaid.

When parental benefits were game benefits (2016)

It happens to all parents who used to love playing video games but are now too tired – they unlock rare achievements in real life.

Did you change a diaper on a train? Or drank tea while it was still hot? I have and I have the badges to prove it.

Seven Things I Hate About Fall (2017)

This is significant given the time of year and the inevitable spate of fall posts on social media.

So this is my case against it. Including appearances by spiders, rain, and hidden dog poop.

A video game image that has been edited to include the title

Tired Papa Redemption (2018)

Because you don’t spend that long photoshopping with an already familiar video game cover and only use it once. Oh no.

You will be amazed at how many similarities there are between life in the old west and parenting in the 21st century …

Five Things I’m Not Used To As A Parent (2019)

I’ve learned a lot about parenting – and myself – over the past ten years, but I’ve always flown past the seat of my pants.

And there are numerous things that I’m still not used to. And that’s perfectly fine.

So come on, ten posts from the archives to celebrate the fact that Diary of the Dad is ten.

Whether you have read my confused thoughts over the past decade or this is your first visit, thank you for reading.

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