Dear Tumani Mother

Dear Tumani,

Just a few days ago the News of the birth of your little new baby made headlines all over the world. The announcement gave hope and excitement to your critically endangered gorilla population.

But that day no one has changed more than you, mom.

For months has felt like new life is moving inside you, making you feel connected to this baby in a way that words can hardly describe. But the moment you actually held her tiny body in your arms and saw her perfect little face looking up at you, you were changed forever.

Even though your body had just gone through its hardest task of bringing this life into the world, your physical pain pale in comparison to the utter elation you felt. The world watched you take in the joy of your newfound motherhood, cuddling and kissing her cute little face while you cared for her so gently. You stole moments when it could only be the two of you, and you connected with her like only you could.

You are a mother But above all, you are HER mother.

As you joined motherhood, you discovered a level of love that you could not fathom before. And you’ve unlocked the ability not to imagine a loss greater than that of perfection you ended up with.

I’m very sorry that you couldn’t hold it any longer.

But I assure you, Tumani, mothers all over the world are holding YOU tight right now. We are Mourn for you and surround you with love. We’re all different, but we’re all so much the same. Just like we mourned Tahlequah The whale two years ago, we mourn with you. No one understands the loss of a mother as well as someone who has also experienced a mother’s love.

I know how hard it is for you to fall from your highest to your lowest low right now. I heard that you and your troupe could mourn your daughter, and I was comforted by the news that you were surrounded by “your circle” at this most difficult time.

Grief is such a personal journey, but it’s easier to make the journey when you have hands to hold along the way.

Just a few days ago we celebrated you and your little miracle. And now we surround you with love.

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