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Y’all I was so excited to put together some fall home decor posts for you! I have three major shops – this is the first! I know many of you entertain at home like we do (even if the group is a little smaller this year) so I wanted to share my favorites in the table landscape if you want to add a festive mood to your entertainment this year.

When I put together a table landscape, I mainly think about the color palette first and that’s really what I’ve done here! I think you can make a room super festive and cozy for fall without leaving to crazy with the pumpkins but don’t get me wrong, i love some pumpkins myself. I kept the colors very warm to make them feel seasonal – like at these linen napkins – Love her! And also a lot of wood vibes added this centerpiece and these lanterns.

You can click the picture to shop or click the text links below! I’ve also included a few photos from years past to give you a little more inspiration! Happy (unofficial) autumn !!

Small rattan lantern /. Large rattan lantern | Linen napkins | Wood centerpiece bowl | Salt and pepper mills | Agate coasters | Flameless candles | Woven placements | Brass candle holder | White pumpkin platter | Mug set | eucalyptus | Pampas grass | Gold silverware | apron | Salad plate | Plate

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