Common problems with septic tanks and how to fix them Farm House

Sewage system

When you run the tap or flush the toilet, nobody thinks much about where the water is going. When you have a septic tank, you need to think about it so that you know it is working properly. Septic tanks are complicated. When there is a problem, it is not always easy to find out what went wrong. Diagnosing the problem is important to Protect your home. If you have a septic tank problem, it is likely one of them.


If your septic tank is causing problems, the first question to ask is when it was last pumped out. Septic tank pumps is important as the tanks gradually fill up with solid waste. Gray water flows through the tank into the underground drainage field pipes. When the tank is filled with solid waste, there may be spillages in the toilets or slow-draining sinks and bathtubs.

How often your tank needs to be pumped depends on a few factors. How many people live in the house? How much wastewater gets into the septic tank? Do you take long showers or do you wash a lot? Do you run in the dishwasher a lot? Each of these devices and gadgets will flow into your septic tank.

If your tank has been pumped in the past year, it is unlikely to be full. Instead, you are likely to have a blockage between the house and the tank, or in a branch pipe between rooms. You need to find out where the blockage is. If all of your drains are slowly draining, the blockage is likely in a pipe leading away from the house. Pipes can become clogged when items that cannot be washed, such as damp cloths, tampons or paper towels, are washed.

If the wastewater builds up, there may be a problem with the outlet bezel or the wastewater filter. Check these if you have access and remove any blockages.

Tree roots

Tree roots are very resilient. You can wrap or pierce anything in their way including pipes. If you have Trees Keep an eye on them in your garden so roots don’t damage your pipes and your sewer system causes litter to end up in the wrong garden.

Tank or line leak

Lush green grass in your yard may seem like a good thing, but green grass can also be a sign that something has gone wrong. If your grass is strangely green or appears healthy when everything else is dead or dry, it could be a sign that there is a leak in your septic tank or that your side pipes are taking in too much sewage downstream of the septic tank and are saturated in your yard . You can spot puddles or even raw sewage on your lawn, which poses a threat to the environment and needs to be dealt with immediately.


A septic system that is properly treated and maintained will last for decades. Don’t let common septic tank problems shorten the life of the system. If you think you have a clogging, leaking, or tree root problem, contact a professional to fix the problem.


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