Attractions have to show their strengths : INVESTMENT

Lifestyle destinations, shopping malls, and venues looking for a quick fix will not succeed. Instead, travel destinations should evaluate opportunities to differentiate their location through carefully and strategically assessed entertainment offerings, as evidenced by a new white paper produced exclusively for MAPIC by Leisure development partner.

“Free time can help when communities open up. However, this requires long-term strategic planning and vision, ”advises Yael Coifman, Senior Partner, LDP.


The white paper examines the types of business models and partnerships retailers can employ for successful mixed-use retail and entertainment projects.

“There is no silver bullet for attractions,” says Coifman. “Landlords and developers must first consider how they want to position their center and how an attraction fits in with it, in terms of a five- or ten-year plan.

What we are also now seeing is an increase in a number of attractions or things to do that give visitors reasons to return. But it is important that it is the right attraction for the location. “

Download the white paper for access to all of its content.

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