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If you just follow a few simple steps, your pool water will stay beautiful throughout the monsoon season.

It’s that time again. Monsoons sweep across Phoenix and wreak havoc in swimming pools everywhere. And you can stay with us until the end of September, so don’t breathe easy yet. While we love the moisture these storms can bring to our arid landscape, the dust and grime they deposit in pools across town is far from welcome.

It is important that you inspect your pool after every storm. Not only could it be full of dust and dirt, but there could also be larger debris clogging your skimmer and drains. However, this is not the only task you have to complete after a nasty dust storm blew into town. A little more TLC goes a long way in keeping your pool looking great and ready to be enjoyed. This reduces the additional burden on your cleaning and disinfection systems.

Cleaning the filter system

Your pool equipment must function optimally so that your pool is ready for use during the monsoon season. Be sure to keep the filter clean so it can do its job.

Due to the added amount of dust and debris in your pool water during the monsoon season, it is important that you continue with filter cleaning and backwashing. If you find that your pool water is not as crystal clear as it normally is, you will need to backwash or clean your filters and cartridges. The added dust and dirt has taken its toll, and your system is not thoroughly cleaning the water. This not only makes your pool water look dingy, it also causes unnecessary wear and tear on your pool pump and filter system

Increase the chlorine

If you have the latest Pentair pool equipment, you can easily increase the chlorine levels after a dust storm or you can add a pool shock to avoid an algae problem.

If you have a chlorine or ozone pool, it is important to get superchlorinated after a dust storm. This simple step is the best way to avoid an algae problem. If your system doesn’t have superchlorate functionality, you’ll need to add a shock that has the highest chlorine level available.

There are also preventive algae products that you can add to your pool to combat algae growth. Adding algicide and stain repellent weekly will help lessen the impact of a dust storm and protect the investment you have made in your swimming pool.

Extend cleaning time

In addition to these post-storm chores, it’s also a good idea to increase the running time of your cleaning system at the beginning of the monsoon season. A little extra filtration can never hurt. It will help reduce the potential for algae growth in your pool if you cannot inspect and sweep it right after a storm.

Since you know that most monsoon actions occur in the late afternoon through early evening, you should also adjust your cleaning schedule to include an early evening cycle to clean up after storms. The sooner your filtration system starts removing dust and debris from your pool water, the better.

Understanding that if you have weekly pool service is for routine inspections, water chemistry balancing, and weekly cleaning. However, a visit once a week is not enough to keep your pool clean and trouble-free during the monsoons.

Fortunately, this year has been relatively mild when it comes to monsoons, noxious winds, and clouds of dust. However, that doesn’t mean we are through the worst weeks of the season for dust storms and damage to your swimming pool. Stay alert and know we made it through Monsoon 2020 successfully in just one more month. If you have any concerns or questions about cleaning your swimming pool or possible damage from a monsoon, call 480-969-1911 to speak to a UNIQUE swimming pool professional.

Don’t let the monsoon season ruin your family’s fun. Invest a little time and attention to keep your pool and spa water crystal clear and ready for your family.

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