Take Action: Tell your MP that single mothers who work from home need support SINGLE MOM

Did you know that two-parent families where one parent is a licensed worker and the other works from home can send their children to childcare?

It makes sense. It’s impossible to work full-time from home and care for preschoolers at the same time without the support of another parent.

How single parents must.

While the Victorian government recognizes and supports partner mothers who carry the entire burden of paid employment and childcare, they have forgotten about single mothers in the same position.

We call on the government to support single mothers as well as partner mothers.

You can help by emailing your local Victorian MP today. We wrote an email below, but feel free to add your own story or personal information to share.

Step 1. Find your MP

You can find out who the representative of your constituency is, as well as their email address. Here.

If you don’t know what electorate you are in, you can find out Here.

Step 2. Send the email

Here is a draft for your email. Make sure to contact us at [email protected]

Dear [insert MP’s name]

Access to childcare and education for single mothers who work from home

I am one of many single mothers in your constituency who are doing our best to maintain paid employment by working from home. We do not have access to childcare or tuition unless we are a “qualified worker” or have a “vulnerable” child.

I support the government and their approach to contain this virus.

What I disagree with is the discrimination, which means two-parent households have access to childcare or school if only one is a licensed worker and the other is working from home. Still, those of us who bear the entire burden of keeping a household financially and emotionally stable are being asked to continue to do so without legal access to basic care and rest for ourselves or our children.

It is not good enough for the government to say that this will only be a few more weeks. If we have a third wave and have to go back to level 4, will this happen again?

Many single mothers have already lost their jobs, and many of us have cut hours to cope with juggling, caring for our children, and home schooling. However, our government needs to recognize that this is an impossible situation and is harmful to us and our children.

I want you to act on our behalf. Please tell the government that we need help now and that we need the reassurance that with two parent households in place, we will never be left out again. We need to be able to attend at least 3 days of childcare and 1-3 days of school until schools are fully open again.

Best regards

[insert your name]

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