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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in unprecedented ways – especially when it comes to exploring this big, beautiful world of us. Many college students wonder “Should I still study abroad during this time of uncertainty?? ”

The truth is, only you can determine the best course of action for you she right now. Regardless of whether you decided to study abroad during COVID-19 or are on the fence, some of our alumni wanted to weigh up in the spring of 2020 because their semester abroad was ultimately canceled. You have a unique firsthand perspective of being overseas during the pandemic, albeit for a shorter period than hoped.

Here is some advice some of our alumni would give to future attendees who decide to study abroad during this time of uncertainty.

Patrick, Curry College

AIFS in Florence, Italy

“The only advice I have for students is: do it. Go abroad, I promise you will not regret the decision. AIFS protected my entire program during our time in Italy, was always in contact with us and provided all the resources we needed. It is an uncertain time for everyone, but AIFS wants students to succeed and do it safely. The diligence of everyone involved, from the admissions officers to the directors based in your country, is second to none. Going through AIFS was the right choice for me and it proved how they handled their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Laurel, Mississippi State University

AIFS in St. Petersburg, Russia

“I would tell you first that just because we are living in a time of uncertainty, you shouldn’t take the chance to study abroad. You should hope for the best and plan to study abroad as some things in life are always uncertain. If you’re just waiting for things to clear up, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. “

“When choosing a study abroad program, remember to consider every single moment when you are there. You never know what will happen during this time of uncertainty, so it is important to be present in every moment.

Although my time in Barcelona has been cut short, I don’t feel like I missed this experience. I made the most of every single day exploring so much of the city. My experience will forever be special to me. Didn’t let this ruin my experience, I took every day like it was my last in Barcelona.

To study abroad for future students, you should consider the uncertainty. Live like it’s your last every day and I can promise you it will pay off. Experience the little moments, trips to the supermarket or walks to class with friends. The little moments are important, don’t take them for granted. “

Jessica, University of Rhode Island

AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic

“I would tell the students to check how the virus is being dealt with in the country where they want to study. As you narrow down potential programs, pick one that you really want to continue. It is important to be careful with the country’s COVID response, but AIFS will ensure your safety no matter where you are. “

Gabriella, Worcester State University

AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic

“Be careful, but not afraid. I would tell students to always prepare for invisible circumstances, but not to focus on what might happen. ”

Alyssa, Seton Hall University

AIFS in Grenoble, France

“In any case, when choosing a program, be more careful than ever with the insurance information. Get to know your Resident Director well during your studies abroad! She / he will be a great source of support not only logistically but also emotionally. Take advantage of every day abroad! As we’ve learned, tomorrow is never guaranteed! “

Madison, Texas A&M University

AIFS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I would advise students to definitely check out this country’s COVID-19 response as many European countries are already living normally again … As long as students are diligent about their own health and familiarize themselves with the health and safety guidelines of the respective program feel good I think you can still gain full international experience. ”

Catherine, Adelphi University

AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic

“I would tell you to look at how the country you are thinking of is handling the first wave of the virus and making informed decisions for yourself.”

We understand students’ reluctance to study abroad during COVID-19. That is why we are prepared.

For over 55 years, we’ve conducted overseas study programs around the world, making decisions about the health and safety of our students a top priority. We will continue to do so as we face the challenges of the evolving COVID-19 situation around the world. Click here Updated information on our COVID-19 responses and policies for our study abroad programs.

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