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Joseph Pepe, MD, President and CEO of the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH, is retiring announced the 9th of September.

CMC said Dr. Pepe will retire in June 2021 to spend more time with his wife Anne-Marie, who has a serious illness, and the rest of his family.

“First and foremost, our thoughts and support go with Dr. Pepe and Anne-Marie,” said John Cronin, President of the CMC Board of Trustees, in a press release. “Dr. Pepe’s leadership of CMC has been nothing short of extraordinary. He is the heart and soul of this organization and a loved and respected figure in our community. His successes have transformed CMC and strengthened our mission of health, healing and hope and laid the foundation.” for future success. “

Dr. Pepe joined CMC in June 1990 and has led the organization since January 2012. He was previously CMO and Vice President, Medical Affairs at CMC.

Alex Walker, Executive Vice President and COO of CMC, will succeed Dr. Pepe take up the post of chief medical officer.

Dr. Pepe is also retiring as President and CEO of CMC’s parent company GraniteOne Health in Manchester. According to CMC, GraniteOne Health is under the regulatory review process for its merger with Lebanon, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health of NH, and Dr. Pepe will play a role in the combined system board.

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