Co-Investment Update 2020 – Steadyhand Investment Funds : INVESTMENT

by Scott Ronalds

I don’t know about you, but my grill got a workout this summer. With COVID-19 still prevalent, we ate more than ever. No complaints, the grilling was good. Maybe too good. To fend off the quarantine fifteen in our house, we had to invest in a spin bike. Half an hour in the saddle justifies a peppercorn rib, right?

My colleagues tell me that their gas bills have also increased. And that from a group that already does a lot of cooking itself. Indeed, it is a requirement at steadyhand. Investing alongside our customers – or cooking for yourself – is one of our most important business principles. We believe there is no better way to demonstrate a commitment to our investment philosophy and approach to business, and ultimately to our clients, than putting our money where our mouth is.

We go one step further and publish the company’s co-investment levels every year. The latest figures are available and we can report that every employee continues to have a significant part of their financial assets in our funds. And we pay the same fees that you pay. On average, the team 94% of our financial assets invested in the Steadyhand funds as of June 30th. In terms of dollars, our employees and our families have $ 34.8 million invested in our funds.

These numbers are worth highlighting as they mean that our interests are well aligned. We have the same fund performance, fees and client reports as you.

Note: For a more in-depth look at co-investing and why it’s important, see our article I’ll show you the money.

Eat up.

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