Avoid career sluggishness and pursue a third act – Caribou Honey, Investor Extraordinaire | by Miguel Armaza | Wharton FinTech | September 2020 FINTECH

  • Embedded or invisible insurance. Embedding insurance services will be one of the most powerful ways to reach the consumer for emerging startups. By partnering with non-financial institutions with access to large customer bases, Insuretech startups can compete with established companies and solve the sales problem. When businesses gain better access to customer data, embedded insurance becomes invisible insurance with a product so seamless that it is barely noticeable to the consumer.
  • Product innovation. Most established companies are large institutions with an old infrastructure that is 5 to 8 years behind the corresponding banking technology infrastructure. In order to catch up, the industry needs to develop major product innovations and he expects some interesting developments in this area, both from startups and established companies.

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