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I’m not going to lie … When the quarantine first started, it tossed this extrovert for a big loop. I was suddenly forced to be without people, my elixir of life and my energy (I thrive when I am with others!) And depression was a big hit. In fact, it was so intense that I literally spent the first two weeks on the couch under blankets.

When I found out that this “2 week quarantine” wasn’t going to end anytime soon, I realized I had to do it do something. I had to be the one who did something and changed where I was. Not only did I find weekly virtual groups to belong to, but I also started reading.


I can count on it two fingers How many non-fiction books have I read in my life up to this point? Yes, I have written Almost 40 non-fiction books … but that’s not quite the same as reading for personal growth.

I’ve always been intrigued by people who say they read X books every week … and fiction was always the place I went because it was an escape from my reality. In one of my mastermind groups, I was confronted with the fact that I could Not Escape This Reality, but if I wanted to thrive on it, I had to face it head-on.

And the first book they recommended set the stage for my newfound reading habit.

The habit that changed everything …

In mid-March I ordered a book that changed everything and set the stage for massive personal growth. Now, it’s not that I couldn’t choose from one of the 300 printed books in our private library (in fact, it’s probably much more than that …), but I kept hearing about that one book and decided I had to read it .

Plus, I’ve done something I’ve never done before, including listening to audio books. Now I’m learning kinetically. This means that the best way to learn is that reading printed books is the most likely to have the writer standing over my shoulder giving me advice on what to do next. So it has always been difficult for me to focus on audiobooks while listening. However, I decided to give it a try as I wanted to listen to a specific book and learned something about myself …

To hear the audio, I had to be distracted. So I started listening to audiobooks every day on the way to and from the store. Whenever I spent time in my massage chair, I would listen to an audio book. It got to the point that I developed a habit of actually listening, being able to hear, and record the information.

So, if you’ve tried audiobooks before and just can’t get access to them, you’re distracted while listening.

How I made this a REAL habit

Every morning I make myself a latte or something small for breakfast … or both. I sit in our conservatory and listen to the cats’ water fountain (running water is sooo relaxing) as I ease my way to wake up. Since I’ve already made this habit, I just added reading one Chapters in a printed book on the mix.

It was easy since I’m already sitting in my favorite chair enjoying my drink … well, as easy as it can be with three cats trying to get on my lap with my book and latte … LOL!

Needless to say, I take a 1 to 2 day break between each printed book to give my brain a chance to take it all in. Then I choose the next book. I’d say I’ve made a print book on average every 1-2 weeks since I started, which is pretty good considering the interruptions that can occur in the morning.

Then when I go in the storeI start my current audiobook as soon as I put on my seat belt. I listen to it for about 20 minutes on the way to “work,” then I do the same 20 minutes on the way home every day. When I finish an audiobook, I usually take this 1-2 day break here as well.

So I’ve gotten into the habit of reading two books at the same time, often on completely different topics …

The magic?

The strange thing is that I can’t count the number of times the chapter I read, and even though the hard copy and audio readings are completely different books, different authors, and usually different subjects (one could be personal growth and the other marketing) the one I hear almost says that in the end equal. exactly. Thing.

Of course, I need to hear these messages at these moments … and it has happened far too many times to be random at this point. It’s almost magical.

My reading list

I shared my list on Facebook, but since people keep asking me for an updated list and I just want to keep track of everything in one place, I’ve put my list below. I also add a few thoughts / notes to each book and separate them by hard copy vs. Audio. Remember, some books I may have started felt like I wasn’t ready and went back much, much later to finish as soon as I was ready to “hear” what the author was about had to say.

I will keep this list updated as long as I keep this habit … which I hope is forever. ๐Ÿ™‚


The slight edge by Jeff Olson – The first book I read opened my eyes to how small habits can become big … and big ones can change your life. If you’re starting anywhere or just looking for the next good read, This is one of the most important books I can recommend!

Business for punks by James Watt – This is one that I started, paused before getting into finance (they aren’t exactly sugar-coated) and then went back and done when I was done. If you’re looking for weird marketing ideas and you don’t mind the common F-bombs, this is an excellent read! (The design and layout of this book is also awesome. I want my books to look like this when they grow up.)

The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson – Another with language, this one was also highly recommended and opened my eyes to why it is important to care about who you are … and why it is equally important not to care about almost anything else To take care of.

Violent, free and full of fire from Jen Hatmaker – A birthday present from my husband who said he picked it up because it reminded him of me … and boy was he right! If you are a woman in business who is tired of being taken by surprise by all that she should be, this is the book for you Got to Read next.

What you do is who you are by Ben Horowitz – This one was a little crazy … The title is pretty misleading. It’s about building your company culture, which laid the foundation for me to completely rewrite all of our company policies and the employee handbook. My favorite quote was: “Culture is a strategic investment in the company that does things right when you are not looking.”

You’re a bad guy at making money by Jen Sincero – I’ll admit I haven’t read the first book in this series (I have, just haven’t read it) … But at this point in my reading trip I was ready to revive my book for money mindset. And this book definitely made a dramatic change! My favorite quote: “The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.” OUCH.


Since I can listen longer than I read every day, I have โ€œreadโ€ far more audio books than printed copies.

Think and get rich by Napoleon Hill – While I have read portions of this classic over the years, I have never sat down to listen to this book in its entirety until now. One word: WOW. Three words for you: READ IT NOW.

The key by Joe Vitale – This one was interesting … and a good lifestyle mind bender.

Stop doing that Sh * t by Gary John Bishop – I have to admit, the best part of this book is Gary’s accent … and his sense of humor. When you need a no-nonsense kick-in-the-ass to get moving and stop sabotaging everything you work for, This is the book for you.

Unf * ck you by Gary John Bishop – I read this one first before the above, but I highly recommend that you read the one I listed first … In front this. It lays a beautiful foundation … and this gives you some serious insight and tools to change your circumstances.

Runaway by Malcolm Gladwell – I’ll admit this has been my least favorite read to date … It’s pretty redundant and full of stories, but there were a few realizations that were worth the time.

Infinite possibilities by Mike Dooley – Another Insane Man … I wouldn’t recommend that you read this one until you read it Think and get rich as he mentions quite often … but man, what an eye opener!

Homeless for billionaire by Andres Pira and Dr. Joe Vitale – This was a super inspirational story that encouraged me to play bigger.

What to do if it doesn’t work by Bob Proctor – Yes, it wasn’t working at the beginning of this virus mess, so I jumped into this rethinking read.

It’s not about the money by Bob Proctor – Well, it really is is about the money, but in this book Bob explains why … and it’s a great mind bender for money!

Thoughts are things by Bob Proctor – In case you couldn’t already know, I got a big kick from Bob Proctor … this one seemed easy … and was another mind-blowing read.

The science of wealth by Bob Proctor – Yes, I continued … I’m only saying if you want a money shift in your life, binge Bob’s books!

You were born rich by Bob Proctor – Another great read …

The seven lost secrets of success by Dr. Joe Vitale – Back on the Joe Vitale Train … This is informative marketing read about one of the greatest advertisers of all time.

Zero limits by Dr. Joe Vitale – I tend to take a cheek and read everything I can find … And I’ll be honest … I started this book at the beginning of the quarantine and I started it No, far from finished to make it happen, so I’ll let it sit. I only went back to it because I noticed that I had started and never finished and was curious as to why. When I started it up again I realized why I had put it aside … LOL! This time, however, I decided to give the embassy a chance. I may not agree 100% with the ideas in this book, but I am open enough to try them out. I recommend that you read everything else by Joe V. first as this has to be the greatest mind-blowing read I have ever read, and his other books provide a solid foundation for you to understand. (I highly recommend his books too Attract money now and The attractor factor what I read a few years ago.)

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