13 Principles for Coping with Current Social Unrest Christian Philosophy

1. Pray for wisdom, security, courage and virtue – as a way of life.

2. Study topics such as a biblical view of justice, race, state, and rights. To start with, read Francis Schaeffer, A Christian manifesto. Then, Os Guinness, Last call to freedom.

3. Don’t talk about what you don’t know. Be different.

4. Don’t follow a lot if you do evil – or are stupid.

5. Do not destroy other people’s property or threaten them for your cause.

“Civil war is the worst of all types of war” – Blaise Pascal.

The end does not justify the means.

6. Don’t put your last hope in politics.

7. Don’t deny the importance of politics.

8. Politics comes after culture.

9. Work on strengthening the good, the true, and the beautiful in culture – at home, in school, in volunteer organizations.

10. Build the Church.

11. Never sacrifice personal virtue for the supposed common good.

12. Select 1776 (American Revolution) versus 1787 (French Revolution).

13. Chose Martin (Luther King, Jr.) over Malcolm (X).

14. Do not swallow non-Christian ideologies whole. Study the roots of ideas. For a start see Francis Schaeffer, How shall we live then? (History of ideas). Then James Sire The universe next door(World views).

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