How to live well this fall DIY

How to live well this fall

B.e honest. How do you really feel Are you looking forward to autumn? Or is there a little (or a lot) fear or even fear? It is okay if you feel all things now. This year is definitely different from any other autumn. While many people fear this time of year for the usual reasons, snow, cold, or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), we have far more to do or to deal with than ever before.

My topic for my year as a whole and on this year’s blog is “A year of living well”. If I announced that this would be a good year of livingI had no idea what this year would bring us. But that’s exactly how I want to live!

How can we live well this fall?

We can design a home that will nourish us more on every level … mind, body, and spirit.

We can put our home together in such a way that we feel happier around us.

We can accept the simple joys around us and experience gratitude for them.

We can hardly find ways to feel more connected to our home and the people we care about.

We can create a cozy place to withdraw into the harshness of the world.

We can practice daily routines and seasonal rhythms that can add a sense of peace and calm to the frenzy around us.

We can protect the environment we live in so that it’s not just a nice place to look at, but a healthy and welcoming place for the people inside.

I’m so glad you’re coming to Fall Nesting this year, friend. We’re going to talk about all of these things during our series. I hope it will encourage and inspire you!

PS. Prayers for everyone near or affected by all fires, including our friends and family in Oregon!

How to live well this fall

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How to live well this fall

Looking for encouragement and inspiration this season? My book Apartment: Easy Ways to Feed Your Home, Body, and Soul (and the accompanying journal Live well!) helps you:

  • Learn to take better care of your home environment so that they take care of you
  • Make decisions that make your life easier
  • Create more peace in your day
  • Invest in relationships that make you feel positive, challenged, and supported
  • lean in faith for strength and renewal

When you discover the connection between your home and your body and the steps you can take to improve both of them, you will be on your way to a more balanced and happier life.

How to live well this fall

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