Autumn Splendor SAL – Week 1 – Fox Embroidery

Hello and welcome to the first week of the Autumn Splendor Stitch long. I am so excited to see all of your beautiful stitching and I have no doubt that you will really enjoy this pattern.

If you are new to this and are wondering what this SAL is about, please go to this page for all the details.

In the first week we jump right by …

Sew a fantastic fox

All elements in this block are put together with 2 DMC strands.

You need the following colors …

  • # 919 rust
  • # 300 brown
  • # 3864 stone
  • # 833 olive
  • # 732 moss
  • # 221 plum
  • # 310 black
  • # 29 purple

Start by sewing the fox coat …

This is done in long and short stitches. Use the photos below as a guide for the direction of your seams.

First with # 919 Rust: Back Stitch the outline of the fox.

Only sketch the areas with # 919 that will be filled in with that color – as shown in this photo …

The main body of the fox, head and tail are sewn together with long and short stitches in # 919. I started in the center of the fox’s body and worked towards the tail, gradually working the stitches down as they reached the hind leg.

As you can see in this photo, there is a small area next to the hind leg that you need to fill in as well.

The arrows on the fox in the second photo below show the direction of the stitches you are going for. This makes it look a lot more natural than just sewing sideways.

Stop # 919 at the ankle of the hind leg as well as the elbows of the forelegs – don’t make the finish lines too straight.

Next you need to mix in number 300 thread brown: embroider long and short stitches to fill the lower legs. (see photo below).

Now for the smaller details …

With # 300: back stitch around the left ear and fill in the small inner part of that ear with a straight stitch. Sew the right ear in a straight stitch to fill it in, but leave a small gap in the leading edge to finish # 3865.

To complete the rest of the fox part …

# 3865 Stone: long and short stitches for filling under the neck, belly and end of the tail – note the direction of the stitch as you fill in each area. Also fill in the gap of the left ear with this color.

Finally, sew a French knot for the eye and a small area at the tip of the nose straight with 2 black strands.

Note … my stitches tend to be quite small, so I find 2 strands work well for small details like the eye and nose. If you think it’s too heavy, use just one strand to sew these areas instead.

Your fox is ready now.

All that’s left is the foliage and the edge of the block …

Use the following instructions to join these areas together …

If you need help with any of the stitches, please see the drop down menu at the top of the blog under the Stitch Instructions tab and the Stitch Fun tab. There you will find numerous tutorials for individual stitches.Check out the previous stitch posts and patterns.

Fox hand embroidery design

How beautiful is your fox – share your finished block on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pictures and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget that you can also share your seams on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Have fun sewing!

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