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Divorce is always going to be difficult, and even if you have a fairly friendly breakup, there are still some things that can create tension between you and your ex. The best way to make sure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible is to think about the big decisions you need to make now, before the process begins. These are some of the most important decisions you will have to make during a divorce.

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If you’ve had a lot of problems in the relationship and are angry, you can decide that divorce is the answer. But before you set the wheels in motion, it is important that you think about it Your other options. Spend some time trying to figure out what the problem is and see if marriage counseling might help. People often get divorced right away instead of trying to fix the problems and they regret it later in life. If you’ve already exhausted all of your other options and nothing works, then you should look into divorce options.

If you do decide to get a divorce, you will be asked for a reason. In some countries there is No mistake divorce rules in place which means you don’t have to give a specific reason. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as divorce without flaws in the UK and there are only 5 accepted reasons for divorce. You are; Infidelity, unreasonable behavior, desertion, living separated with consent for 2 years or separated without agreement for 5 years. The problem is, these reasons don’t affect people who find they are simply falling out of love or want different things out of life and decide to go their separate ways. In most cases, inappropriate behavior is cited as a cause when there is no direct cause for the divorce. However, the reason you choose can affect things like child custody, so you need to think carefully about it.

This is often the number one source of disputes during a divorce. You have to choose who can keep the house and when you both think you should have it, it becomes difficult. If you have children and you have agreed on custody, it is best if the parents who keep the children keep the house. Otherwise, consider who of you is best financially able to buy another home. If you really can’t make up your mind, and it’s a constant source of contention, it may be best to sell and move on.

Custody battles can get very nasty so talking to your ex about it right away is important. It’s easy to get into your own arguments and drag the kids into it, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Even if you don’t want your ex to have the kids, think about what’s best for them. Which parents can spend the most time with them and take care of them most effectively? When making decisions about your children, it is important that you always focus on their happiness and wellbeing and leave out your own problems as a couple. The whole process becomes so much easier when you can make custody decisions without the need for a lengthy court battle.

When people start share their belongingsThen the pettiness often begins. Hurt feelings play out in arguments about the smallest and least important things, and things start to get nasty. It’s best to start by making a list of the things that matter most to you and then you can compare lists and see where there are crossovers. If there are small items that are not that important to you, don’t try to hold onto them and make arguments for no reason.

This is the most important decision you need to make, and when you don’t Handle this conversation properlyit can have a big impact on them. Knowing how much to tell them and how much to hold back can be difficult. It can be harmful to tell them all the details, but at the same time it can be just as bad not to properly explain the situation.

If you can make all of these decisions outside of the courts, the whole divorce process becomes a lot easier for everyone.

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