30 days outfits – August Life-style

I mentioned that I wanted to “get dressed” every day for Stories and got a lot of feedback from you guys. Well I did it even though I only had 25 outfits. Honestly, I take 25 out of 30 because I only got dressed 5 out of 30 days before.

I’ve been working at home for about 7 years now and have always been super lazy to get dressed for the day. Yes, I would get dressed when I was out of the house – running errands, doing content shootings, going to lunch, meeting with friends or family, or attending work meetings – but it was by no means every day or every Week. I’m also not the type who is “more productive” when I get ready. I’ve tried dressing every day in the past thinking I need to break out of those dingy loungewear clothes I’ve been wearing all week, but I never got hold of it. But now, around the seventh month of COVID, I had to take off my non-cute, everyday loungewear. I needed something else, I needed to feel like myself again. I had to start wearing my clothes again.

I should also mention that 30 days of real outfits is just that, real. I don’t wear jeans or makeup every day. I make the deliberate decision to prepare for the day – whatever that means. Some days it’s cuter loungewear and really good skin care products, other days it’s jeans, a cute top and make-up.

I stopped thinking about what I would wear every day, just thinking it would be a hassle until I had so much fun putting together more real outfits that you will surprisingly love. The added bonus is that I get more clothes from all of my clothes that have been neglected all year round. I enjoyed putting this post together so much that I’m trying to turn it into a recurring monthly post, yay!

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