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There are at least 6 people I’m close in my life who are moving or who have recently bought a house (and I’m sure there have been at least a dozen more in the last year!). Every time I try to find something to send them as a housewarming gift. Buying a home or renting a new place is big business. It’s exciting and stressful and meaningful and it’s nice to send something to acknowledge this and help them settle into their new home faster.

Most recently Chris’ brother and sister-in-law moved into their new home and I looked for ideas for the initiation on OUR OWN WEBSITE, just to miss out. That simply does not work. I immediately wrote down a list … which kept growing until I reached 25 IDEAS that are beyond a candle (not that there’s anything wrong with a candle)! And then I went to work and found a few examples of each idea so that from now on – if someone moves in your life or in my life – I have a guide and you have a guide and we can all help one another Celebrating a new home a little easier.

25 gift ideas for the inauguration ceremony

1. Large vase. I’ve said it before, but nothing will serve you (or your loved one) more than a large vase. It’s so versatile! Cut some fresh flowers and deliver!

2. Dinner Bell. I’m a sucker for a bell We grew up with one who calls us for dinner and our family uses one. I think they give the fundamental feeling that we are at home.

3. Small carpet (doormat). A doormat is such a simple gift, but I would go for something more general or classic, or even a patterned coconut. Alternatively, a 2 × 3, 2 × 4, 3 × 5 carpet can extend as many places from under a doormat to in front of the sink to the inside of the door. Both are great ideas!

4th candle. You. Tilt. Go. Not correct. (But you probably won’t be the only one sending a candle either, fyi)

5th plant. I love a fresh plant or a wreath or even some herbs for the kitchen! It will immediately breathe life into your new home.

6. Big bowl. For serving, for getting started, for a centerpiece – a large bowl is an indispensable decor that can be used in so many rooms.

7. Salt cellar. Cooking for the first time in a new home is almost as meaningful as the move itself. A salt cellar takes the experience to the next level.

8th compartment. Similar to a bowl, a tray can be used ANYWHERE. We’ve also included some sausage boards here which are the best functional decor out there.

9. Jug. I am 34 and have 2 plastic mugs. That’s it! Every time we have company, I wish I had something more. This gift will inspire guests or make everyday life even more special. Bonus! It doubles as a vase.

10. Linen napkins. Enhance everyday life and help them start over by sending some special napkins there.

11. Pillow cases. To celebrate the new place that you lay your head. (I even wrote the card for you.)

12. Candlesticks. I think one of the fastest ways to make a house feel like home is to create memories. And personally, I really love these memories to include candle holders.

13. Throw. A home should be cozy and is there anything cozier?

14. Coffee table book. Who doesn’t love a coffee table book ?! I don’t see any hands. Because everyone does. Not only will they inspire, but they will look so good too.

15. Storage container. I’m not kidding, the most fun I had when I moved into our new house last year was organizing the pantry. In fact, I felt incredibly insecure until I did did Get organized and I recommend this practical gift from personal experience.

16. Toaster. Functional, but make it cute! I asked my sister what she wanted for her housewarming present and she asked for a toaster! How – I can do this !!

17. Reusable bag. To bring her new grocery store or visit the new library. A reusable bag allows me to explore my surroundings.

18. Catchall. From the entrance table to the bedside table, a catchall is a stylish and practical place to drop everything.

19. Address stamp. One of my favorite gifts because generally you don’t think about buying it yourself until you need it and then it’s too late. These are so charming.

20. Light bulbs. This may seem strange, but when we moved into our house, so many of the lightbulbs were so cool that they didn’t feel at home at all, and I was amazed at what replacing some of the lightbulbs did. I also included a Smart Bulb Starter Kit and Smart Outlet that will make everyone’s life better. (ps.3000K or bust on lightbulbs!)

21. Nice keychain. For your new house keys!

22. House pressure. Either from their new location or from where they have just moved. You will always appreciate it.

23. Tree sapling. Plant roots in their new place.

24. Edible treat. Most of the time you can’t go wrong with a consumable (as long as you know there are no eating restrictions) is a celebration and what is a celebration without snacks?

25th Home is an emotion tee. Because that’s what matters.

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