Yarnista files: Beth’s Greydient scarf in Plied Knitting

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the vibrant colors and unique marbling effect of twine. When it launched last year I realized that I couldn’t just pick one color to knit – I wanted to try a few! I chose a fun four-color combination for Jana Huck’s Greydient scarf, and I love the way it turns out! The slow color shifts of the yarn turned a very strong geometric design into a softer effect with more depth of color. Since Plied’s color palette works so well together, I was able to choose four different color variants, all of which were covered in gray. I like to describe the finished scarf as “when you have a graffiti artist spraying a picture of a scarf on a concrete wall”.

I modified the pattern a little to use just one strand of each color and finished my scarf a few repetitions earlier in the last section. The scarf is still a good size. If you want to complete it as written you will need two strands of your CC3. The colors I used are: Lady Day, Poe, Webb and Vacants to Value.

Greydient by Jana Huck

Color combinations

Teddy has picked four color combinations to inspire you! These would work too The exchange scarf!

Thread details:

  • 100% not super washable wool
  • 2-ply wool spun
  • Finger weight
  • 197 m per 50 g strand

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