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It’s hard enough to make the decision to wear the gray, and then what about the length?

Recently, I did what I promised myself I wouldn’t do – I went against my instincts and better judgment. After locking, in the excitement of seeing a hairdresser, I cut my hair. It was certainly not a disaster and the haircut was perfectly fine, but too short. My mistake. The barber, who knows me well, wasn’t convinced it was a good idea and he didn’t cut it as short as I wanted. Thank God.

I have to be very sensitive when it comes to my hair.

It was a great cut, it wasn’t any different, but it just didn’t work for me. My hair was very long on lockdown and I think what happened was when it “grew”. I liked it. I’ve hacked it for less than it has been in years and I’ve become aware of all the problems with a length that doesn’t work. Somehow the length didn’t fit well and was difficult to tie, with stripes falling out of the ponytail everywhere. I tied it permanently as I still don’t love the length even though a month has passed and it’s better. My hair is thick and growing fast – that’s lucky – so it’s hardly the end of the world. I haven’t had my hair this short in years and I probably won’t do it again.

The wrong length or style really makes a difference and while it’s not a problem in any major sense I don’t feel good when my hair fails. It doesn’t matter if everyone in your world says it’s fabulous; If it’s not you, it’s not you. I am not suggesting not to change the style. What I am thinking is knowing what length will work before hacking it regardless.

I just “did” my hair and I still don’t like it. There’s really nothing you don’t like and it’s not that different, but somehow it’s not as flattering, smart, or working as it was before.

The truth about gray hair is that it takes work.

It takes time to transition from color to nature, and it takes time to ensure that length and style are flattering. Gray hair can age a lot if it is not in the best possible condition and is not tailored for us. The theory with my hair is that I like to mix up the tradition. Once upon a time there was a day when gray-haired women had their hair cut short and the two walked hand in hand. Nowadays all ages are rocking the gray in every length and style and the color is about the individual, not their age.

A pixie cut looks amazing on the right side, as does an angular bob. Medium length layers work with the right hair texture. The art is in knowing which length gives us the greatest confidence. It doesn’t matter what I say or your best friend, if you don’t like the look of your hair we can’t get it right.

So I’m back to growing my gray out.

A few more inches makes all the difference – and it will be the length I want. Even what I wear changes with a new length of hair. I’m looking for a light turtleneck that I can wear with my cargo pants – don’t laugh, but it makes my hair look longer;);) xv

One way for a longer length

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