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2020: What a Rodent of a Year!

Well, I think it’s safe to say 2020, the Year of the Rat, didn’t go according to plan. For one, I will happily draw a line under this year and reuse all my 2020 hopes and plans for 2021. Easiest New Years resolutions ever and environmentally friendly too! 😀

But now I’m in there and I hope you are too. There’s still one fight left in this chameleon! And in a defiant act of self-defense, I finally publish the Lunarcy Quilt pattern. Take this 2020!

Lunarcy BOM

This post is for the first edition of the Lunarcy Pattern – a PDF for Lunarcy Quilt Fabric Requirements and Basic Quilt Construction. The application files follow one another pretty quickly. The reality is that Lunarcy won’t be a block of the month anymore as I still want to wrap it up when I originally intended it – at the beginning of the Year of the Ox (mid-February 2021). Therefore, the patterns are published far more frequently than monthly to make up for lost time. Of course, they’re still free and available on the Clever Chameleon website until it’s all over. Right now you don’t have to be so patient! How’s that for positive spin? 🙂

So hold on to your hats, close your email hatches and enjoy the crazy ride with the Lunarcy Lunar Calendar. Welcome to the Chameleon’s 2020 parts list, which is timed but not impressive. And for the rest of the year it must be more fun than the first part!

A change of color, a change of pace, a change of season….

The life of a chameleon is never boring! For our final adventure, we spent the last few weeks away from home teaching the children. The children usually get their distance learning lessons over the internet, but from time to time we may visit their teachers and classmates in person. And most importantly, I have a few days to do adult things. For example, work on the lunarcy patterns! Go shopping for fabric! Nanna nap.

I can also spend some time in a slightly less arid landscape than Arkaroola. The School of the Air base for children is located on the coast of Port Augusta at the southern end of the Flinders Ranges. Here is a foretaste of spring on the edge of the outback ……

We were lucky enough to see that on the way to Port Augusta coffee pot To run. Between Port Augusta and the next town (Quorn) is the historic Pichi Richi Railway, which supports two steam engines. One of them is the more than 100 year old Edwardian steam car trainer, known as the “coffee pot”. It was stationed at the Woolshed Flat waypoint when we passed, so we stopped for a moment at the viewing area.

Coffee pot steam train at Woolshed Flat

It’s a strange but cute little engine that only holds 22 passengers under normal conditions. In times of Covid I accept even less.

Speaking of cute and small … When we arrived, my father-in-law’s spring jumped on strongly. Keith just hatched this colorful crew of dwarf crosses. The Chook is a good mother; These chickens are actually from two catches hatched a week apart, but she loves them nonetheless. Except maybe the brown one who likes to ride on her back.


And spring arrived hardest at the Arid Botanic Gardens. The big lizards among the flowers in the slideshow below are shingleback skinks, better known as stumpies (because of their short tails) or sleepies (because of their slow movement), or even blue-tongues (because they have). When we visited, the stumpies were less armored lizards than lizards in love. Albeit slowly.

The Stumpy lizards weren’t in the least interested in us. While they are still wild, the Arid Botanic Garden’s lizards are obviously used to sharing their space with humans. While the chameleon was happy to see its cousins, one of them actually yawned while I was doing his portrait. A little rude we thought.

And the lovers in this short footage (G-rated – unless you’re a lizard then it’s probably more PG13) paid us no attention either.

Apparently this is affection, not a fight. According to a Klingon….

Cross-species prejudices aside; With a little googling, I discovered that stumpies have lived in the wild for 50 years. That’s impressive enough, but then I found out that they are mostly monogamous too. Not just for one season, but for life – or at least 20 years or more! Really, I won’t rattle your scales! Apparently they use scent to find each other once a year, hang out for a month or two, and band together in this elaborate slow motion dance. I don’t know how long this actual ritual lasts – they were there when we stumbled across their motel room and were still spinning as we walked on. The babies are expected in mid-February … right on New Year’s festival 2021!

And since all good quilters turn to quilts at the first mention of offspring … it must be time to share the lunarcy.

This quilt pattern is kindly supported by Island Batik, who supplied me with all the fabrics for the pattern. The fabrics I used are detailed in the pattern and are all from them Basics Basics and Mixer Collections. This means that if you want to use some or all of these, they will still be available through your preferred Island Batik dealer.

Lunarcy Quilt Design

The Lunarcy Quilt measures 75.5 “x 94” and is designed for a single / single bed. Part 1 of the pattern lists the fabric requirements and describes how the quilt top is put together. You have the choice whether you prefer this before or after the applications.

In addition to the construction file, there will be 13 application files. Twelve animals and a thirteenth file for the branches and flowers that are used repeatedly in the pattern. If you only want to make a wall hanging or a cot cover with the animal of your choice, all you need is the animal file and the flowers / branches. Each individual block is just under 20 inches tall and gives you a good sized medallion.

Clever chameleon logo

Hope you enjoy making something out of this pattern and I’d love to see what you did. If you have any problems with the file, please let me know.

Now for some more ideas to add a spring to your step

Party 1: A garden party to end all parties!

First, the Garden Party Row Along at Seams for sewing starts today! Marian hosts this wonderful event every year and there are free block samples (50 this year) and lots of prizes to try and win too. I love this event and you can see what I prepared for you on September 24th.

Garden party row along logo

Here is the schedule for the first week:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Blue Heron Quilting | Carolyn Butterfield | Manufactured by Marney
Pumpkin patch BC | The devoted quilter

Thursday 10 September 2020

Bobbin In Quilts Blog | Kissed quilts | Patchwork breeze
Songbird Designs | Sew at home

Do not miss to visit designers!

PARTY 2: You want more party? you party animal !!

Well, we have features from the chameleon’s last Color & Inspiration Party to admire…. Visit me for canapés in the Botanical Garden of Quilted Delicacies.

Clever chameleon logo

Sandra from mmm quilts Give our last party a positive spin – in the truest sense of the word. Check out their latest original design, A Positive Spin. Beautiful and meaningful, like all of Sandra’s quilts.

And look…. It’s a pool party! Unless you’d rather live by the lake …? Lovely!

Clever chameleon logo

The quilted desert collection is in bloom in another corner of our virtual botanical garden. Kathleen from Kathleen McMusing has released a gorgeous new pattern called Desert Blooms. Take a closer look and even buy a copy if you want. Much more fun and a lot less selling point than a Tupperware party!

Kathleen McMusing Desert Blooms Quilt Pattern
Clever chameleon logo

Last but not least, Nancy von Grace and Peace quilting made this version of Arrow Point Path for her nephew. If we were really hunting through the Botanical Garden of Quilted Pleasures, this peaceful and textured quilt would be the hallmark of the raked gravel and waterfall of the Walled Japanese Zen Garden. Beautiful.

Time for you to join the party too

Clever chameleon logo

The chameleon wants a slumber party and it’s BYO quilt!

Tell us – what are you working on or have you recently finished in your sewing room? We want to know so we can visit and be inspired. Link a blog post, IG post, or just a photo from your computer. See if you can make the chameleon get quilted with happiness. We’d love to see your quilt colors!

  • Link your latest or current quilting / sewing excitement. All quilt building phases are welcome – finished quilts, quilt blocks – even fabric strips! Or sources of inspiration!
  • You have 50 characters in the link description…. Tell us who you are and what your fantastic project is.
  • URL links are not required to link. Non-bloggers 100% welcome! If you don’t have a url, you can only link to a photo.
  • Take a moment to visit some friends who have come to the party – leave a little love and get on with their day. And a link back to Clever Chameleon is always appreciated.
  • Do it now……. before you forget!

Clever chameleon logo

The chameleon will rainbow with pleasure when he hears from you. I am more cautious and will instead respond gratefully via email. Now that it’s your turn … scroll to the end, leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? Thanks for the connection!

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