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Here’s how to take a three tier metal stand and create a two tier kitchen basket stand.

I’ll show you what I made semi-handmade over the weekend. My goal was to add a bit of fall decor to my kitchen in the form of texture and organization.

I always enjoy tinkering with items like the three-tier tray stand in the photo below. I want to see if I can come up with something new by using one part of it, then swapping out another part, or even reusing it from scratch. I would love to someday design a range of decorative items that go with every idea in my head.

unmounted 3-tier white metal stand.

That’s exactly what I did with this white three tier metal stand that I use in my kitchen for entertainment and the holidays. It was a gift from a friend when we first moved to the lake – Thanks Gail. πŸ™‚

The stand is easy to take apart so messing around wouldn’t do any damage. I can always put it back together in a minute when fall is over and it goes back to vacation mode.

Colorful kitchen counter decorating ideas

Using parts of the stand, I wanted to create a new fall-inspired wicker basket stand to replace that silver wire stand that I use to hold products. I like this stand and will be using it again, but my kitchen is small and I get bored when I see the same things. Changing, especially for the seasons, inspires me.

Graduated kitchen basket for storing fruit and products on a counter.

I took apart the three tier white metal stand to make a shorter two tier kitchen basket stand to fit under my kitchen cabinets. I used a wicker basket from thrift stores as a second tier.

I love baskets and I get excited when I find a new way to use them around the house that not only looks great, but also adds a warm and cozy texture and gives me exactly the function I need. πŸ™‚

You may think “What’s that upstairs – a degree?”

The answer – yes, but not just any degree, but a tailor-made one with a tiny detail from nature that I collect.

How to make a tiered kitchen tray and basket stand

I realize you won’t have the exact items I used to make my 2 tier fruit basket stand, but I wanted to show you what you can do with each tiered stand.

Do you have a tiered stand? Maybe one with ceramic or porcelain plates? These types of stands are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They can be found in most second hand and antique stores. Even if you don’t like the design, the color or the pattern of the panels, the stand part can be adapted to your needs.

Supplies are needed:

  • Tiered stand or parts of a plate stand
  • Metal discs
  • Big screw and nut
  • line
  • Sticky glue
  • Hot glue and glue gun

Needed time: 20 minutes.

How to turn a 3 tier stand into a shorter 2 tier kitchen basket and tray stand

  1. Gather your parts and supplies

    I took the booth apart. All I needed was the base, pole, pole covers, and the lower round bowl. I also used a round wicker basket, into which I drilled a rod-sized hole in the ground with an awl.

    A section of a three-tier kitchen stand with a base, rod and round wicker basket.

  2. Screw and nut to be left standing

  3. Create a stopper to secure the center dowel

    I screwed the pole to the pedestal base and then added the largest round bowl from the original stand, the larger pole cover, my wicker basket, and the narrower pole cover.

    The screw end of the rod was just before the top of the second rod cover.

    To make the stand secure, I had to find a nut that would mate with the threads on the end of the rod. Then I was able to insert the screw into the top half of the nut.

    Once the nut was on the bar, the screw I had on hand to fit inside the nut was a little too long even when it was tightened. I didn’t want to see the screw threads so I added washers to cover the threaded portion of the screw. Once the screw at the top was tightened, the entire assembly was secure, creating a very stable stand.

    Metal discs on a two-tier fruit basket are preparing to be covered to make an end piece.

  4. Hide the washing machine to create a finale

    To hide the washers, I brushed tacky glue on the sides of the washers and wrapped string around them. I put the ends of the string in the channel on top of the screw.

    Wrap the string around the screw and washer on top of a tiered storage basket for a kitchen counter.

  5. Secure the cord

    To secure this I used a point of hot glue. (Note: if someday you want to take the stand apart, don’t glue where the screw meets the washers.)

    String wrapped around the top of the newly assembled 2 tier stand, with hot glue over it.

  6. Attach the top of an acorn

    With another point of hot glue, I attached the upper part of an acorn.

    The tip of a real acorn found in nature became a decorative fall finish for a 2 tier fruit basket on the countertop.

  7. All done

    Close-up of the finished acorn and the end of the thread on a 2-tier fruit basket on the worktop.

My semi-handmade fruit basket on the worktop

2-tier stand made of white metal with wicker basket on the kitchen counter.

I love, love, love my homemade tray and my basket stand. That’s exactly what I imagined. Best of all, I did in my own style and it didn’t cost me anything as i used items i already had.

DIY tiered kitchen fruit basket with a white metal stand and a thrift basket.

When I made the end top I had no string. So I used a retail display trick (where we had to be very resourceful in creating displays for the store). Did you know removing strands from burlap that I had gives you pieces of string? πŸ™‚

Do you have a tiered booth in your home that you don’t use? Can you redesign it to suit a new need or for the season? Possibly use two baskets if you have them. That’s the beauty of DIY – you can become a designer.

On another point…. I know my bananas are stained, but I let them get that way. I freeze the spotted bananas and use these Frozen Fruit and Banana Whip Maker Making Banana Berry Whips or Chocolate Nice Cream. It makes it easy to make a wide variety of herbal alternatives to ice cream. So I always have bananas in my fruit basket.

If you want to see baskets or tiered stands on your kitchen countertop, I’ve found a few:

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