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My life is ordinary and that is perfect. Not really! It is. I spend my days teaching four young children at home, building and maintaining a farm, running a business, washing the dishes, breaking quarreling children, and kneading bread. It’s all the same day after day.

When I look around the messy corners, the unfolded laundry, or the dirty (sorry) toilet, all I have to do is sigh. Breathe in, breathe out, Shaye. You do your best!

There are very few mountaintop moments in this life – we had our babies, we got married. We are here now. Facing daily life. And these days we are not looking for great adventures. Maybe our passports will never be filled, our savings accounts will never burst, maybe our lives will just be … normal.

Our potential – some might argue – has never been fully realized.

But maybe, just maybe, they’re wrong.

Perhaps our best human potential is not looking for the peaks of these great adventures at all – perhaps it is complete and complete and ingrained in the appreciation of this ordinary life – those little daily moments that we experience day in and day out – perhaps that is the point.

To feel everything. To smell everything. Feel everything. To be fully ready to experience any task … word … challenge … moment as if this is the exact point in all of this.

There is no value in seeing what the world says. Enjoy the deep details of this ordinary life.

It is no small matter to faithfully live your ordinary days with love, grace, and purpose. It is no small matter to see the deep valleys of blessings woven into our days.

They will tell you that life is not worth living unless you hunt rainbows.

Perhaps our ordinary lives are already the rainbows – and we just need the eyes ready to see them.

Maybe usually is perfect.

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