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Are you wondering when and how to start planning your studies abroad? Check out this video from the Center for Global Engagement that highlights the importance of forward planning and liaising with academic advisors.

Successful and fulfilling study abroad requires early planning. With over 300 programs in over 60 countries, there are plenty of programs to explore, and planning ahead is key to finding the right one for you!

Departmental cooperation Regardless of your major, you can work together with the Center for Global Engagement and your academic advisor to find the ideal semester and location for you. The Center for Global Engagement will help you Whereand your academic advisor can help you when. Together they’ll help you find it How.

Course fulfillment- Make the difficult class planning process seamless by planning ahead! Students who are on the Pre-Med course or have an engineering, apprenticeship, or nursing degree should speak to their academic advisor or department head as early as their first year of study. In this way, students will find the ideal semester to smoothly integrate their off-campus coursework into a four-year plan. Some courses must be taken on the Hope campus. However, if you plan ahead, you can schedule a semester available for courses anywhere in the world.

Still not sure what to study? No problem! There are many general educational requirements that can be saved and met for your semester abroad. If you have a major bias, talking to the department head for that area of ​​study is a good place to start. You will know which classes to take abroad that have worked well in the past.

Personal experience- In the spring of 2020 I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The planning allowed me to make the most of my academic experience abroad. I took 16 credits (credit equals 4-5 Hope classes) and completed 3 classes for my Spanish major, 2 general educational requirements, 1 class for my sociology major and 1 class for my minor. Saving these classes for my semester abroad has enabled me to achieve the most academic credit fulfillment. I’m a huge fan of Excel, so I made a spreadsheet to organize my thoughts and classes, and to keep track of the advice I received. Planning also helped reduce my stress levels. Right now, with so many unknowns about the future, planning ahead can help create options and plans B, C, and D for the optimal semester and courses.

Peer Advisors Like me, peer advisors are students who have studied abroad in the past semesters and are here to help brainstorm goals and overcome the challenge of choosing a program. In the off-campus study library in MMC 109, someone can always be seen Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please come, ask us questions or just think out loud! Stop by and say hello or email [email protected] to plan your off-campus study experience!

-Grace McConaghie, Peer Advisor for Off-Campus Studies

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