Advanced standards: SVAP (Standards Version Advancement Process) and ISA (Interoperability Standards Advisory) : HEALTH-CARE

On the heels of the new USCDI ONDEC submission system started In July, ONC gives you even more opportunities to provide feedback and input on standards and interoperability efforts this summer!

We look forward to bringing you the opening speech SVAP (Standards Version Advancement Process) Comment period. The SVAP, part of our 21stst Final Rule of the Century Cures Actenables healthcare IT developers in the ONC Health IT certification program to voluntarily update their products to include newer versions of the standards adopted by the National Coordinator. The comments received will help ONC understand which versions of standards are ready for the Health IT Certification Program.

Additionally the annual Advice on interoperability standards (ISA) Review and comment period is back! This is your opportunity to comment, suggest changes, and suggest additions to the ISA before we take a “snapshot” and publish the ISA Reference Edition 2021 for the New Year.

The ISA is a dynamic, coordinated catalog of standards and implementation specifications that can be used to meet healthcare interoperability requirements. Feedback is vital to ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate health IT standards are included.

Both comment periods are executed and end at the same time Monday 9th Novembernd at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Do you have any comments on the ISA? Please comment on the site comment function directly in the respective categories “Interoperability requirements” or on individual SVAP standard pages. This allows others to see related comments when reviewing ISA and SVAP. Alternatively, consolidated comments can be submitted by attaching them to a comment on any ISA or SVAP page.

Please note that a user account is required to submit comments for the ISA and SVAP. Create a user account by clicking on “Registration” Button at the top right of the ISA page.

Thank you for your continued feedback and your efforts to improve interoperability!

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