Men quickly know if you are THE ONE Dating

Men know soon after they meet you if they can live without you.

Whether it’s a VIP like George Clooney or the boy next door, a man is instantly in love with you or not. For this reason, you should never let a relationship last longer than a year. If after a year a man is not sure if you are THE ONE, he will never be.

Film star George Clooney was quoted as saying, “I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Amal.” “According to a May 19, 2015 report Vanity Fair Article by Joanna Robinson said this to Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning.

This is the bar for the type of relationship you want. As a confirmed bachelor in his fifties who married Amal and had children with her, George’s quote proves that if a man wants something, he seeks it. According to all press reports, Amal acted coolly and confidently throughout her advertising. She didn’t seem to rush George in any way. She didn’t immediately accept his proposal Vanity Fair Items. Clooney was quoted as saying he was 52 years old and “I’ve been on my knee for about 28 minutes so I need to get an answer to that or I’ll throw a hip out!”

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