London Design Medals winners announced Design

Paola Antonelli, Ken Garland, Yinka Ilori and Ellen MacArthur were awarded the London Design Medals 2020.

The medals are awarded each year as part of the London Design Festival and fall into four categories: the London Design Medal, the Life Achievement Medal, the Emerging Design Medal and the Design Innovation Medal.

This year’s award ceremony will take place virtually on the evening of September 14th due to Covid-19.

The London Design Medal was awarded to MoMA’s Senior Curator and Director of Research and Development, Paola Antonelli, whose Instagram Live series @ design.emergency (organized together with design critic Alice Rawsthorn) examined the many different ways design can respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Design Innovation Medal was awarded to Dame Ellen MacArthur, the former professional sailor who founded the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a nonprofit environmental organization, in 2010 to promote a society-wide transition to a sustainable circular economy.

The British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori received the Emerging Design Medal. Ilori is known for colorful furniture and architectural structures where its British and Nigerian heritage meet and blend.

Ultimately, the Lifetime Achievement Medal was awarded to British graphic designer, photographer, writer and educator Ken Garland. He founded the prolific and influential design studio Ken Garland & Associates in 1962 and has published numerous publications on design and visual culture. His 1964 manifesto, “First Things First,” advocated “in favor of more useful and sustainable forms of communication” and was stepped down from a list of graphic designers in 1999.

Ben Evans CBE, Director of the London Design Festival, said of the selection of the winners:

“Every year the London Design Medal Jury has a passionate and sometimes robust debate about who should win. It is important that you select four people who have each made a significant contribution to the world of design. This year the combination of Paola Antonelli, Ken Garland, Ellen MacArthur and Yinka Ilora is a powerful mix. “

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