How to group and arrange objects in Prowise Presenter 10 Uk Education

I had an interesting comment on one of my previous videos about Prowise Presenter 10 and asked for help with grouping and ordering items. They wanted to be able to use it to do things that would pull things out of the hat.

That sounded like a good idea for a tutorial video, so I’ve put together a short tutorial.

It’s not as easy as you might think as the object in front makes it difficult to grab any of the other objects that are hiding behind it. So you need to leave a small area sticking out so you can grab it.

A modified version of this could use words on the Ends of fishing rods or balloons. See this guide for an example.

Here is the video.

And if you have specific requests for tutorials for Smart Notebook, Prowise Presenter, or Promethean ActivInspire, please contact me and I will do more.

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