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September! I’ve been so busy dyeing yarn that I haven’t had a chance to tell you about these fresh strands. I colored one August color, but it’s already sold out! I’m tempted to take pre-orders and color more but in all honesty I’m so obliterated. It will have to wait until next month. I am a super woman, but also a super woman has her limits.

If you find that you need a quantity of sweaters and are running out of skeins just drop me a message and we can work something out. I’m at [email protected] It’s been ages since I’ve made a significant store update and it feels great to make this one available to everyone.

I was able to replenish Stonefly on Stream Sock. This is one of my new favorites this year. There is a sandy neutral base with pops of color. It would go well with Samoa for a color project.

South Fork Eel River is always fun too. We have a favorite swimming hole on the South Fork Eel, so this one gives me many fond memories surrounded by towering redwoods.

The swimming hole season is coming to an end for us as we enjoy these last warm days (noooo!). I’m so sad that summer is nearing its end (but not quite yet). I’m slowly starting to move into autumn. It’s dark when I wake up in the morning so I restarted my morning candlelight ritual. I also recently baked pumpkin bread, which seemed premature but necessary.

College Cover is a stunning beach in Trinidad, California. I took the kids a few times a week before they started Zoom school and it was so much fun. It was so warm that it was like Southern California without any people. Wonderful afternoons.

Mayfly is also back in the shop. This color is a personal love of mine and I would really like to knit something for myself with this color. Clay gray base with fun colors that are slightly mixed throughout.

Nordheimer is a new color in my shop. This one really lights me up too! It has an artichoke base covered in plums, gold, and turquoise, among other things. Reed and I made a small camp on the Salmon River at Nordheimer Campground in July. So pristine and secluded! Add to your bucket list.

Terracotta is another obsession with me. I started coloring this on all of my bases. It’s the perfect body, and I love wearing this shade. It goes very well with Norheimer, Lupine and Samoa for color projects.

Lupine on Stream Sock

Speaking of lupine, this earthy lavender is the perfect semi-solid. It reminds me of the dark sky at dawn.

I’ve also been staining a fair amount of Drainage DK lately. Drainage DK is a springy four-layer mix of silk. It’s so soft and bouncy with just a hint of sheen.

Eureka Harbor was such a base color. It has been out of stock for quite a while and it feels great to have some of these beauties back on the shelf.

Studio is another base color that has been out of stock for far too long. Subtle splashes of color on a bright, neutral base for winning!

These strands of Stonefly came out remarkably well, I have to say. This is another color that I really want to use on a personal project. I need more hands!

Samoa is the perfect color. It’s simple and stunning in itself, but goes well with other colors too. Samoa and Stonefly would be perfect together.

I think there are more strands in the store *, but to be honest, I’ve lost track of it. Too much yarn! Thank you for taking the time to look around. It’s always so much fun to share. Even though we’re all apart, I know we all knit together from afar.


Thanks to everyone who migrated to the new Facebook group for This Knitted Life & Tributary Yarns. You can still participate here. (If Facebook is not you, don’t worry. I totally get it!)

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* If you are new to Tributary Yarns, all of my strands are shipped through my local Yarn yarn store. They are listed on the Yarn website and Sunnis will send them to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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