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I looked through The inspired space Book this weekend and notice how much of the same decorations and furniture we still use today! I have received so much messages over the years from people who notice that I often use what I need to decorate my home but design them in different ways. I hope this inspires you. Rest assured, you don’t have to keep buying new things to get a new look!

In the Instagram world these days, I see so much renovation work with pretty much every piece of furniture being brand new every year. Keep redecorating with new pieces until you get it right, just not realistic for most of us! I’ve written more about how to decorate with what you have and updated it over time. How to Decorate: The Slow Process to a Style You’ll Love.

Sometimes of course you need or want to buy something new! When I get new things, I just want to be able to mix them in with what I have. I think if you choose the right things you should be able to keep them for many years or even a lifetime! If you buy an entire room full of furniture that is currently trending, once that trend has expired, you will need to redecorate to bring a room up to date.

I’m pretty picky about a new key or a new piece of furniture. I see them as investments, not disposables. My advice is to stick to timeless furniture with simple or classic lines. That way, it’s pretty easy to change a thing or two or add a new element to freshen up your look, but it’s unlikely that your home will become outdated quickly. The entire space may not be up to date with all the trends, but you can easily mix in a trend or two to make it feel fresh and current.

At the moment I’m in the process of rearranging my living room. I think freshening up a room without buying anything new is fun! I will be sharing my newly furnished room with you soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you some items that I’ve purchased over the past 1 to 20 years that I consider classic staples.

Many of them are on sale today too!

Timeless pieces for your home

Five of my most timeless pieces that I’ve bought in the past 1-20 years are:

leather sofa (on offer!)

Glass lamp (on offer!)

Sofa with protective cover (on offer!)

Leather ottoman (similar, for sale!)

Cane bed

Timeless pieces for your home
The inspired space

1. leather sofa

This sofa just got better and more comfortable with age! Mine is the love seat color ‘toffee’. I don’t think they make that color or size anymore, but the signature maple leather looks a lot like mine!

Timeless pieces for your home
The inspired space
Timeless pieces for your home
The inspired space

2. Sofa with protective cover

We have the deep 80 inches with warm white denim, in more detail what I chose and why here.

3. Leather ottoman (similar to above)

4th Blue glass lamp

We have the bigger size!

5. Cane bed

This comes in two color options!

What are your timeless favorite pieces in your home?

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