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This week’s Sunday Stills prompt is orange. Terri out Second wind free time holds solicited Sunday Stills every week. So I thought I would try. Not sure if this is going to be a weekly thing for me as I’m not a great photographer, but if the prompt fits, I’ll do it! This week, Hugh of Hug’s views and news is the host! When I saw the invitation, it immediately reminded me of my very good friend Debbie Harries Deb’s world. Deb’s favorite color is orange and you will get the idea by looking at her website and the clothes she wears.

If you want to stand out from the crowd – wear orange!

Deb from Deb’s world
The Ekka

I also love orange because it makes me happy. Different colors have different meanings, so I decided to investigate the meaning of ‘orange’.

The importance of the color orange

  1. Joy and creativity, alive and extravagant are all words used in researching the meaning of the word.
  2. Orange promotes general well-being and emotional energy, compassion, passion and warmth.
  3. When you feel bad, orange will lift your spirits and help us overcome disappointment
  4. Studies show that orange can induce physical effects such as increased hunger, socialization, activity, mental activity, and brain oxygenation.

Orange stands for the sacred Chakra or Svadhisthana. This is the second of the seven primary chakras and deals with pleasure and emotionality.

It is located about three inches below the navel and can include the sex organs. The orange color of the sacred Chakra gives us indications of its creative, sensual nature

Orange is also found in fruits, vegetables, nature, and Halloween. Autumn leaves represent the change of season and so orange can be perceived as a transition color.

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