Custom Embroidered Shirts, Hats & Apparel !: Your Embroidered Logo: Correct Logo Size? Embroidery

Your manager wants you to order embroidered business shirts. Your company recently had a new logo designed by a graphic designer. You select an embroidery and email them your logo spec package. You reply that the requested size is too small for the logo to be embroidered. How are you? Are you looking for another sticker?

You can also try other embroidery. However, if you’ve already decided on a particular embroidery, you may want to ask them why the size is too small and what size they suggest. When they say the smaller size doesn’t stitch well and your design needs to be bigger to be legible than what if they’re right? What to do? Want to follow the graphic designer’s instructions, but what if your logo is illegible when you stitch it out at this size?

Ask your sticker to send you two embroidered samples, one that meets the graphic designer’s specifications and a larger version that meets the standards of your sticker. You can request either embroidered swatches or shirts. Have your manager compare both sizes so he can make a decision. Then you can order your shirts knowing that your embroidered logo is the right size.

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