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Each week I want to post a link to the Taize service at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Seattle that I am generously allowed to share. I know that many of you have been enriched and nourished by quietly contemplating this ministry. I hope you will take the time to enjoy this week’s service as well.

A contemplative service with music in Taize style for the fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

Carrie Grace Littauer, prayer leader, with music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers.

Permission to podcast / stream the music in this service is granted by One License with license #A-710-756 with additional notes below.

“Down in the River to Pray” – Traditional American spiritual, public domain arrangement by Kester Limner, shared under the Creative Commons License, Attribution (CC-BY)

“We wait in silence” – Text and music by Susan Masters. Copyright and all rights reserved by Augsburg Fortress Press

“God is Forgiveness” – Copyright and all rights reserved by GIA / Les Presses de TaizĂ©

“Kyrie for September 6th” – Music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers, lyrics by Kester Limner. Shared under the Creative Commons License, Attribution (CC-BY)

“Deep Peace – Celtic Blessing” – Text: Celtic traditional, adapt. Ray makeover. Text and music Copyright 2009 Ray Makeover, Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.

This week I am adding information on another contemplative indulgence that St. Andrews has to offer. I loved the book Holy troublemakers and unconventional saints and I’m really looking forward to doing this tour too.

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As part of this self-guided tour, saints of different faiths and backgrounds will be introduced “who shook the religious boat in the name of love and justice”. On physically accessible trails on the west lawn of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, enjoy a physically detached tour at your own pace and discover stories of new people who inspire changes in our world. Used with permission from Daneen Aker, author of Holy troublemakers and unconventional saints This is a children’s book that highlights the stories of women, LGBTQ people, people of color, and other people too often written from religious narratives. A great outing for families and individuals.

Free of charge and open to the public every day until September 20th.

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