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Can you believe it’s already September and it’s actually falling? Here in Georgia it still feels like the middle of summer, but we long for cool, crisp mornings, falling leaves, and amazing scents that fall brings with it.

Until that actually happens here in Georgia, we can enjoy fall with our coffee, tea, and maybe a touch of fall in our printouts for this month!

Homeschool calendar printable

Click here to print the calendar.

We love to share a monthly calendar with you, especially one that you can proudly display in your school! It is beautifully designed and if it feels like falling outside, you’ll feel like falling inside! Teach your kids independence by giving them a homeschool calendar or checklist letting them know everything they need to do each day. Then let them manage themselves. This process has worked great for our six children over the years!

Homeschool Journal Page

September Homeschool Printable Journal Page
Click here to print the journal page.

I’ve always had such difficulty getting my kids to write every day. However, using this printable journal entry gives us a daily starting point and teaches your students a great daily habit of prayer, inspiration and self-goals. We are happy to print them out 2 per page and double-sided and create a little book for you every month! In fact, we used a paper bag to make an envelope for a month. You just fold it over several times to make it thick and secure your journal pages in the cover with an elastic band or ribbon!

Homeschool Copy Work Ebook

If you want the kids to do copy work every day this year, you can try our free year-round copy work e-book. We used the font as the basis for the “copy work” and it goes wonderfully with the diary pages above. Download your free eBook below!

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