Savings in August 2020 and other updates : INVESTMENT

Another month has passed in this strange year.

Since nothing has changed in lockdown requirements in Greater Manchester, I still only leave the house as needed, not back in the office yet, although I actually look forward to going back in at some point just to see a few different faces.

How did I manage my savings in August?

I could save 47.1% on my net wages – there was a ton of expenses, including gifts for a few special birthdays, a few gardening items, and some purchases I’d made on my credit card in late July.

The above savings include top-ups of a £ 75 Win Premium Bond (woo hoo!), £ 50 Matched betting winnings (from last month), £ 57.69 from affiliate income from OddsMonkey* (Thanks to everyone who signed up using my links!) And £ 20.20 from TopCashback*.

Stocks and Investment Trusts

No new investments, I just topped up existing investments.

The current stock / IT portfolio can be found here Here.

(Full portfolio here)

Future Fund

Large rises in the stock markets caused my future fund to pop £ 197,334but with some market swings this week, I’ll be lucky to finish this high in late September.

Still V-shaped!

Dividends and Other Income

A Better Month for Dividends:

I received £ 358.52, of which £ 245.32 from my ISAs, the rest from my SIPPs. This doesn’t make up for the miserable income I received in July, but it’s welcome nonetheless and was a very good increase over last year. All dividends are reinvested.

This is what my diagram looks like now …

It takes me an average of 185 pounds a month to reach my goal – maybe doable?

Matched Betting (MB)

A combination of work and the end of the football season meant I didn’t spend a lot of time with MB.

Even so, I still made a reasonably decent profit £ 253 so am happy with it.

As mentioned earlier, the MB guide that I subscribe to is OddsMonkey*, ideal for beginners and experienced competitors. There are step-by-step instructions and a friendly forum where you can ask questions and get help with the offers.

Target update

After 4 months (is that all !?) of the year, the goals are as follows:

So, summer has come and gone, we seem to be in the middle of autumn and I’m already fighting with my sister over the central heating …

How was august for you

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