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Practice scissoring skills and counting with a fun pumpkin-themed counting game for preschool.

Pumpkin rescue and stroke game

Supplies needed for the pumpkin counting game

  • Ice cube tray or muffin tin
  • Pumpkins (pompons with pipe cleaner stems), pompons or the like
  • Duct tape or painter’s tape
  • scissors
  • Blocks (optional)


Place the pumpkins in the ice cube tray and cover them with strips of duct tape.

You can use pom poms of different colors to represent apples or whatever you like. Instead of pompoms, you can use colored gems, erasers, or even small toys.

Put blocks nearby – one for each pumpkin.

How to play

The goal is to practice scissor skills by cutting the tape and saving the pumpkins. It was the first time I saw Days with Gray set up a similar system Cutting practice in a muffin tin and count bears.

Have your child put the pumpkins on the blocks for particularly fine motor exercises.

My 4 year old kept chopping off the pumpkins and repacking them. Some children may find it frustrating to accidentally turn them off. You may need encouragement when it happens.

Every now and then, have your child count the pumpkins while they play.

Once you have completed a round, you can reset the pumpkins and swap the ribbon to play the stroke game again.

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