Pinehurst – Come climb with me! | Quilting

I was so excited this weekend after a short hike through the mountains.
The most amazing pine trees in Lake Tahoe caught my attention …

Just like the blue water that surrounded them, I kept thinking of our beautiful ones
Perfect union bundle and how it reminded me of the color of the lake.

As soon as I returned home, I immediately picked up my Pinehurst pattern.
Pinehurst templates and plunged into the cool blues of the Perfect Union bundle.

It was so easy to cut all the pieces with our acrylic stencils.

These Pinehurst templates were also perfect for marking out my sewing points.
That way I was able to assemble my block quickly and accurately.

After sewing the left and right backgrounds, I made the trunk unit.

All the pieces fit together so well …

… And in no time I had my first tree.

But my mind wandered on, so I decided to take one
different way and try something new.

I discovered that I can use my templates for different sizes of trees and small seedlings appeared. If you want to know more about it, come on an adventure with me Click on this link to our YouTube channel.

This adventure taught me that by playing around and exploring
New things, we can grow both as a person and as a quilter!

Have fun quilting!

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